Crazy ex-girlfriends shave cheating-man’s crotch

Once upon a time in Taiwan, there was a man named Cheating Chen. Cheating Chen had a girlfriend named Girlfriend Zhou. A year into their relationship, Girlfriend Zhou found out that Cheating Chen was a married man. A little while later, Girlfriend Zhou found out Cheating Chen was cheating on her with a Nurse Wang. Embarrassed and furious, the two women found each other and decided to take justice into their own hands. They had some fun of their own. They drugged Cheating Chen, tied him up, shaved his eyebrows, his crotch and drew funny things on him (not necessarily in that order.)

We have the exclusive reenactment.

Do you think the ex-girlfriends are psycho? Or do you think Cheating Chen deserved something way worse?

Love Cheat Crazy ex girlfriends shave cheating man’s crotch