Saturday Weather Girl: Umi

It’s quite a gloomy day here in Taipei. We turn to Umi to brighten up the day for us and our friends in the U.S. Here’s our report for October 16, 2010. She has a special move we like.

Hey Sweetie!

Saturday Weather Girl: Umi

Hi Weather fans! Yay! It’s finally stopped raining here in Taipei after a non-stop seven-day deluge. Let’s hope the lovely Umi can bring more good news on the weather front to all our fans stateside.

Check out yesterday’s forecast with the magnificent Mini here.

If you’re a fan of our Weather Girls, you can see more of them (literally) on their Facebook page here (Chinese only)

Umi The Weather Girl

It certainly has been a glorious October. But November promises to be even better from the sneak preview we’ve had of the Weather Girls’ new look for November.
In the meantime here’s a last look at Umi before she proves that just like the climate, the Weather Girls are also changeable. We hope you enjoy Umi’s forecast for Saturday, and have a great weekend!