Bears found eating graveyard corpses

Two Russian women paying their respects at a grave got a shock last week when they found a bear eating a freshly dug-up corpse. Experts believe global warming is causing a shortage in bears’ traditional food sources, meaning they have to resort to other forms of sustenance to stay alive.

Do you agree with the experts assessment that global warming is to blame? Leave a comment below.

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Bears found eating graveyard corpses

Angle / Reid contest down to the wire

The contest is close for Nevada’s senate seat, a race that pits Majority Leader Harry Reid against Tea Party challenger Sharon Angle.

Many voters blame Reid for Nevada’s unemployment and housing problems. Angle, meanwhile, is campaigning on an anti-immigration platform.

Some of her more colorful gaffes include describing a room full of Hispanic college students as Asian. She also described herself as the first Asian lawmaker in Nevada’s state legislature.

The anti-abortion candidate also said rape and incest victims should make lemonade out of a lemon situation.

Despite her seeming missteps, Angle has given Reid a pounding in polls in the lead up to next week’s vote.

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Angle Reid contest down to the wire

Miscarriage woman left tied to table for three hours

In the latest example of scandalous behavior by a doctor. A doctor in China’s Shenzhen left a woman who had suffered a miscarriage spreadeagled and tied to an operating table for more than three hours after she said she couldn’t pay for extra treatment. She was only rescued after contacting her boyfriend. An official investigation later found the clinic had not done anything illegal.

Why do you think the investigation found nothing wrong? Leave a comment below.

Miscarriage woman left tied to table for three hours

Reports say heat may have killed US swimmer

A US long-distance team member who tragically drowned mid race may have died as a result of the unusually hot water temperatures. Fran Crippen’s body was found after a 2-hour search following a race held in the UAE on October 23. The sea temperature was more than 31 degrees.

How can a similar tragedy be prevented in the future? Leave a comment below.

heat may have killed US swimmer

Mugabe’s wife had five-year affair, say reports

In our latest story of African nobility gone wild, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s wife and his best friend and personal financier Gideon Gono have been carrying on behind his back for years, according to reports. Mugabe, 86, found out about the affair from his dying sister in August. The only other person in the room for the deathbed confession, bodyguard Cain Chademana, later died in mysterious circumstances.

It is possible to feel sorry for Mugabe? Leave a comment below.

Mugabe's wife had five year affair

Tuesday Weather Girl esse

Esse is here for our fans with your Tuesday, October 19, forecast for US weather. Now that you’ve met all of our Weather Girls, which one do you like best?

Tuesday Weather Girl: Esse

Shake that, Esse! Esse is a bad girl now. Enjoy the ride as she gives you Tuesday’s forecast.

But watch out: There will be a test at the end.

If you missed the temperature for your city, Esse will have to punish you for being naughty.

It’s time for your Tuesday forecast. Let the lovely Esse run through the weather for you. She’s guaranteed to make it feel one or two degrees warmer.

Hello my knight in shining armor! This is Esse. I’m so happy to see you. Do you like my Tuesday forecast?

Who needs the Weather Channel when you have Esse to give you your Tuesday forecast for major US cities?

Jon Stewart rallies the troops in Washington

Guest starring Nicholas J Longtin as ‘Sane Demonstrator’.

Comedian Jon Stewart plans to hold a rally for viewers and fans in Washington on October 30. Dubbed the “Rally to Restore Sanity,” the event is seen as a response to a similar rally held by Glenn Beck over the summer.

Lending their support to the rally are high-profile liberals such as Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey. Conservative critics allege Stewart is attempting to mobilize young viewers and influence the November 2 elections.

Indeed, the rally is seen as benefiting Obama and the Democrats, who are likely to the polls next week. Obama in turn plans to appear on Stewart’s show.

Whether Stewart’s fan base can stay energized and show up at the polls remains to be seen. November 2, after all, marks the return of the McRib sandwich at McDonald’s.

Jon Stewart rallies the troops in Washington

Van partiers escape killer gas

This was a birthday celebration that turned deadly. This weekend, five friends from Taiwan’s northwestern city of Taoyuan checked in to a motel for an all-night after-party. All was harmless until three of them decided to move to the garage and inside their van where there was music and air-conditioning. The next day, the three were found unconscious inside the van, having been poisoned by carbon monoxide from the exhaust.

Fortunately, everyone is still alive. Be careful, kids.

What are some ways to avoid accidents like this. We want to hear from you.

carbon monoxide Van partiers escape killer gas

Do you belieber Justin Bieber?

Guest starring Dana Grooms as ‘Test Examiner’.

A 12-year-old boy has accused teen pop sensation Justin Bieber of assault during a fierce game of laser tag.

The Canadian singer has denied the allegations, saying he was the victim of gay taunts.

But do you believe Justin Bieber? According to our recent poll, the majority of respondents prefer to believe Justin’s accuser.

Do you belieber Justin Bieber?

Clinton lost nuke codes, alleges retired general

Former chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs and retired US general Hugh Shelton has alleged in his new book that former President Bill Clinton once lost the codes that enabled the US to launch its nuclear arsenal. Although useless in the hands of an ordinary person, the loss meant that at the time the US could not have launched an immediate response had it come under attack.

What happened to the ‘biscuit’? Do you think Monica Lewinsky was a Russian spy and stole them? Leave a comment below.

Clinton lost nuke codes, alleges retired general

Monday Weather Girl

Monday Weather Girl: Mei Mei

Monday Weather Girl Mei Mei is back to shake her thing for our fans. You can also tune in if you want to see what the weather’s going to be like stateside.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s forecast, click here.

To find out more about the Weather Girls, check out their Facebook page (Chinese only)

Mei Mei does her cheerleader routine one last time for your Monday, October 25 forecast. Hip, hip, hooray!

Monday Weather Girl: Mei Mei

Monday Weather Girl Irene

Hey boys! It’s Weather Girl Irene. Watch on as she gives you the forecast for Monday.

Hey US of A! Get ready cos’ the Weather Girls are here with a ‘bad’ new look for November.

New cast member Irene gets things underway with a Sin City-esque routine guaranteed to warm even the coldest heart.

Don’t know about you but I just can’t wait til tomorrow.

Miss last month’s costume already?

For those of you with Weather Girls withdrawal symptoms. You can do some more ogling here on their Facebook page. (Chinese only)

It’s Monday. So little cutie Irene is here to strut her stuff while giving Weather Girls’ fans the Nov. 15

Watch Irene do her ‘bad’ girl routine and you might even find out what the weather’s going to be like on Monday.

Croc caused Congo plane crash: survivor

An August plane crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo originally thought to have been caused by a fuel shortage was actually caused by a rogue crocodile, the only survivor has revealed. The survivor told how the escaped croc caused panic on board and led to the crash, which killed 20 people.

Do you believe the survivor’s account? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard of being taken on a plane? Leave a comment below.

Croc caused Congo plane crash

Hiker saves wife from killer wasps

A Taiwan man was hailed a hero after using his body to shield his wife when their hiking group came under attack from a swarm of Asian giant hornets. Experts warned hikers to be careful – the group was the second in two days to come under attack as the wasps enter their most active season.

Have you ever been attacked by creatures? What did you do? Leave a comment below.

Learn more about the Asian giant hornet here.

Hiker saves wife from killer wasps

Bedbugs take over USA

Bedbugs are spreading all over the US in numbers not seen since World War II and no one is safe — not even guests at the Waldorf Astoria.

This video debuted on Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld on

Have you seen bedbugs in the US? Leave us your comments on our Facebook page.

Bedbugs take over USA

Where is Superman? US schools failing

In “Waiting for ‘Superman’”, documentary maker Davis Guggenheim (the man behind “An Inconvenient Truth”) examined the flaws in the US education system by following several kids through their school lives. Now NMA proudly brings you our take on the subject with “Waiting for Superman: Redux.”

Did you see the film? What do you think is wrong with the US education system? Leave a comment below.

See our last piece on children today.

Where is Superman? US schools failing

Driver survives close shave with metal bar

A Taipei County man and his daughter narrowly escaped death after a metal bar fell 14 floors from a construction site and impaled their SUV’s hood as they waited in traffic.

How would you have reacted if that had happened to you? Stay calm or go ballistic? Leave a comment below.

Driver survives close shave with metal bar

Cross-dressing student caught in girls dorm

A Taiwan university student was embarrassed after he was caught in the female dorm of a rival university wearing women’s clothing.

Have you ever thought about how you would look in a bra and panties? Leave a comment below.

Cross-dressing student caught in girls dorm

Liverpool ownership battle comes full circle

Guest Starring Marc Ressang as ‘Liverpool Player’.

When American businessmen Tom Hicks and George Gillett bought Liverpool Football Club in February 2007 they initially received a hero’s welcome. But the adulation faded quickly as promises made to fans about a new stadium and the club’s debts were broken.

It didn’t take long for the fans to become fed up with Hicks and Gillett, sparking protests imploring the Americans to sell up.

As the banks closed in, Hicks and Gillett were forced to make way. The club’s new owners were free to take control of the club and make an impression with the fans.

Liverpool ownership battle comes full circle

Are parents’ online habits putting kids in peril?

Guest starring Bunny Wild as ‘Mother’.

Online social media is not just for adults anymore. A new study claims that 80% of children in the western world have some form of social media presence by the time they reach age 2.

Thanks to their parents, children are all over the internet. The magic of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allows parents to bore you with photos and videos of their children in the online world, just like they do in real life.

Of course, parents might be exposing their children to online dangers because they fail to check their privacy settings, according to Australian firm AVG.

But for some parents, establishing an online identity for children early in life is important. Parents have been to known to name their children based on dotcom domain availability.

In truth, privacy may no longer exist for children today. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said younger generations might need to change their names to avoid embarrassing online revelations following them into adulthood.

Whether parents will change their behavior remains to be seen. In the meantime, it seems children are joining online social media at younger and younger ages.

See our previous story on social media.

parents’ online habits putting kids in peril

Sunday Weather Girl

It’s been one whole week since our Weather Girls’ North American debut. We hope it has been a glorious October for you so far! Wrapping up the week for us is the Sunday Weather Girl: Kitty. Watch out, she’s got claws and she meows.

With lead from singer Lou Bega, has made a little Mambo No. 5 of our own, incorporating each girl of the week:

And as I continue, you know they’re getting sweeter…
A little bit of Mei Mei in my life,
A little bit of Esse by my side.
A little bit of Hijon‘s all I need,
A little bit of Chelsea‘s all I see.
A little bit of Mini in the sun,
A little bit of Umi all night long.
A little bit of Kitty here I am,
A little bit of you makes me your man!!

Who’s your favorite?

Sunday Weather Girl: Kitty

kitty Sunday Weather Girl

Only one more week until the Weather Girls change their look for November. Until then we’ve got one last chance to say Hello Kitty! Meaowwwwwww.

If you missed yesterday’s forecast, catch Umi here.

Kitty The Weather Girl

It’s still Sunday in some parts of the US – just. So just in case you haven’t ventured out yet, here’s Kitty with the Sunday forecast. Don’t forget Weather Girls fans, the girls will be back with a hot new look and new line up members in just a few hours from now.

For Saturday’s Umi-cast click here.
Or to reminisce over the girls and forecasts you miss visit here.

weather girls 31 10 Sunday Weather Girl Kitty

Starting off the new week for us is Kitty with her Sunday, November 7, forecast for major US cities. Don’t forget to check out her special dance routine at the end, and be sure to tune in to tomorrow’s forecast.

San Gabriel mayor arrested for robbery and assault

Albert Y.M. Huang, mayor of Los Angeles’s suburban city of San Gabriel, was arrested this weekend for robbery and assault. According to police reports and witness accounts, Mr. Huang grabbed a female acquaintance’s purse after their argument inside a restaurant. Mr. Huang got into his SUV and began to drive away. The woman reached in through the window for her purse, but ended up clinging to the side of the SUV, as Huang drove a quarter a mile down the road before getting arrested.

Huang’s neighbor describes the young mayor as “a jerk.”

According to witness accounts, the woman threw dumplings at him during their heated argument. We bet she wouldn’t have done that if they were at the legendary DinTaiFung dumpling restaurant. Mmm… Yummy!

San Gabriel mayor arrested for robbery and assault

Romantic stunt gone wrong leaves student huge bill

A love struck student was left red faced after a romantic stunt to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday went awry and set fire to a hotel. The silly student lit near 100 candles on a hotel bed, arranging them to spell “Happy Birthday” before leaving to pick up his girlfriend. He came back later to find the fire department at the hotel and a fuming manager thirsting for compensation.

We’ve all done foolish things before, but maybe not this foolish. Share your embarrassing stories with us below in the comments.

Here’s another birthday bash gone wrong.

Romantic stunt gone wrong leaves student huge bill

Saturday Weather Girl

It’s quite a gloomy day here in Taipei. We turn to Umi to brighten up the day for us and our friends in the U.S. Here’s our report for October 16. She has a special move we like.

Hey Sweetie!

Saturday Weather Girl: Umi

Hi Weather fans! Yay! It’s finally stopped raining here in Taipei after a non-stop seven-day deluge. Let’s hope the lovely Umi can bring more good news on the weather front to all our fans stateside.

Check out yesterday’s forecast with the magnificent Mini here.

If you’re a fan of our Weather Girls, you can see more of them (literally) on their Facebook page here (Chinese only)

Umi The Weather Girl

It certainly has been a glorious October. But November promises to be even better from the sneak preview we’ve had of the Weather Girls’ new look for November.
In the meantime here’s a last look at Umi before she proves that just like the climate, the Weather Girls are also changeable. We hope you enjoy Umi’s forecast for Saturday, and have a great weekend!

Hey boys, Umi is back and she’s got quite the show for you. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for the weather. Even if it’s chilly outside, you can count on Umi to keep things hot every Saturday.

Boy catches mom in bed with another man

As we mentioned earlier, adultery is illegal in Taiwan. “Detective agencies” such as this one are in a lucrative business, have an union of their own and will spy on your spouse for evidence of his/her unfaithfulness. Your spouse and his/her lover would face up one year of jail time.

There’s a different moral to this report, however. As a general rule of thumb, make sure your house is empty before hooking up and having sex with your lover. This woman’s six-year-old son told his father that evening, “I saw mommy and uncle rolling around together.” The father was alarmed and became highly suspicious. It turned out, the boy isn’t even his!

Be faithful, be smart or get a baby-sitter.

Boy catches mom in bed with another man

Teacher to student: I had a wet dream about you

Ten years ago, school teachers in Taiwan made headlines for spanking students with wooden slabs and making them eat chalk. Today, cases of campus sexual harassment occupy much of the local news here. Following our report last week about Teacher Chen, a high school math teacher who tried to get his students excited about trigonometry and calculus by talking to them about circumcision, today, we have Teacher Kuo, a high school chemistry teacher who gave boys extra credits for making dirty jokes.

He was infamous for staring at girls’ breasts, and he had allegedly also approached female students, telling them, “I had a wet dream about you.” Kuo has since been fired from the school.

Chinese lesson of the day: when a guy has a wet dream, he has “drawn a map” (hua-di-tu).

Teacher had a wet dream about student

Thursday Weather Girl

Thursday Weather Girl: Chelsea

For our fans, we proudly introduce the latest broadcast sensation to sweep Taiwan — the Weather Girls! Here is the report for October 14, 2010. With Thursday girl Chelsea it’s always sunny with the chance of a heat wave.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s forecast, click here.

To find out more about the Weather Girls, check out their Facebook page (Chinese only)

Thursday Weather Girl: Chelsea

Cutie Chelsea is back in all her flag-waving glory to bring you the weather forecast for major US cities for Thursday October 21st.

So sit back, relax and try to keep your eyes on the temperatures. Thursday Girl Chelsea is here to cheer you up one more time with her cheerleading routine.

If you missed yesterday’s forecast, or didn’t leave the house and still want to know what it was like outside, let Hijon bring you up to speed on what you missed.

Chelsea The Weather Girl

Thursday Weather Girl: Bunny

Hey Guys! Bunny has hopped her way into the Weather Girls November roster and is ready to bring you Thursday’s US forecast. Hopefully there is some sun on the way to cheer up any democrats suffering from post-election blues.

Bunny bounces back onto our monitors with Thursday’s forecast for major US cities.
Hope she didn’t catch you on the hop!

Bunny is back again with the forecast for Thursday, November 18.

Thursday Weather Girl: Lilian

Thursday is here and we have a new Weather Girl Lilian for your perusal. Not sure what happened to the music, but don’t let that distract you (from looking at the temperatures, of course).

Thursday Weather Girl: Lilian

Man discovers 3 out of 5 daughters not his

A Tainan-area man who married his girlfriend a dozen years ago recently discovered that three out of their five daughters weren’t his biological children. The man became suspicious after his ex-wife became pregnant even though they were no longer intimate.

Our viewers outside of Taiwan might not understand the reference to green hats in the animation. In Chinese, to say that someone is “wearing a green hat” means calling him a cuckold. This is derived from an old Yuan dynasty custom where prostitutes’ families are punished by being made to wear green head scarves in public. The scarves became hats, and the term “wearer of green hats” now describes men whose wives have strayed.

Man discovers 3 out of 5 daughters not his

China to DPRK: Don’t assassinate your brother

As previously reported and animated, Kim Jong-un has been confirmed as the next leader of North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The Workers’ Party held a lavish military parade on Oct. 10 in celebrated the party’s 65th year anniversary. Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader, was seen with Kim Jong-un. South Korean media reported yesterday, however, that one of Kim Jong-un’s loyal aids had planned to solve the “brother in exile” problem. As Kim Jong-il’s the eldest son, Kim Jong-nam was once rumored to be in consideration to be a successor. He was Kim Jong-un are half brothers. But living abroad, the older brother has often made comments that annoyed the state. He is currently living in exile in Beijing and Macau.

China got word of the assassination plot and warned North Korea against it. Kim Jong-nam has close ties with the children of senior Chinese officials, known as the ‘princelings’. Rumors have it that in the event of the North Korean regime collapse, China would back Kim Jong-nam in his control of the state. In an interview with a Japanese media outlet last Saturday, Kim Jong-nam said he was not interested in becoming the next leader of North Korea. He also said his little brother is too much of a military man and he remains skeptical of Kim Jong-un’s abilities to bring wealth for his countrymen.

Would you rather have Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong-nam rule your country?

China to DPRK: Don’t assassinate your brother

Wednesday Weather Girl

Wednesday Weather Girl: Hijon

For our fans, we proudly introduce the latest broadcast sensation to sweep Taiwan — the Weather Girls! Here is the report for October 13, 2010. Wednesday girl Hijon’s warm front is sure to make you hot under the collar.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s forecast, catch yesterday’s forecast with Esse click here.

Wednesday Weather Girl: Hijon

It’s Wednesday and hottie Hijon is here with today’s forecast. It’s guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away, even if it’s not windy.

Hijon The Weather Girl

Wednesday Girl Hijon is the doing the flag waving routine one last time. So don’t get in a flap.
Want more Weather Girls?

Wednesday Weather Girl: Mimi

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s Mimi’s turn to predict the weather.

Here’s Weather Girl Mimi to keep you company (and give you Wednesday’s forecast) while we rebuild our database on

In the meantime, you can visit the Weather Girls here at their Facebook page (Chinese only).

If you’ve missed a recent forecast, you can find it here.

Wednesday Weather Girl: Mimi

It’s Wednesday and Mimi is here with the forecast for major US cities. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Mimi is here with your weather forecast for Wednesday, November 17 and a special dance just for you.