Are parents’ online habits putting kids in peril?

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Online social media is not just for adults anymore. A new study claims that 80% of children in the western world have some form of social media presence by the time they reach age 2.

Thanks to their parents, children are all over the internet. The magic of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allows parents to bore you with photos and videos of their children in the online world, just like they do in real life.

Of course, parents might be exposing their children to online dangers because they fail to check their privacy settings, according to Australian firm AVG.

But for some parents, establishing an online identity for children early in life is important. Parents have been to known to name their children based on dotcom domain availability.

In truth, privacy may no longer exist for children today. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said younger generations might need to change their names to avoid embarrassing online revelations following them into adulthood.

Whether parents will change their behavior remains to be seen. In the meantime, it seems children are joining online social media at younger and younger ages.

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parents’ online habits putting kids in peril