Judge plays hooky to play with hookers

A Taiwanese judge has been impeached for taking time off work to meet with prostitutes in his luxury apartment. He also like to nip out of the office in the afternoon to meet with antique dealers and gamble with defendants. Get the whole story at the Taipei Times:

The Control Yuan’s property-declaration documents showed that Yang’s property assets had increased between NT$10 million (US$325,900) to NT$20 million, Shen said, adding that Yang told Control Yuan members that the total value of his property was estimated to be NT$300 million.

“Yang could have been a successful businessman because he is good with investments, but he was not allowed to make investments, because he was a judge,” Shen said.

Another irregularity that contributed to the impeachment was Yang’s frequent gambling, sometimes even with defendants, Shen said.

Do you think it’s time for Yang to hang up his robe? You be the judge and let us know in the comments.

Judge plays hooky to play with hookers