HK model Rosemary in strife over crash, drugs

Hong Kong model Rosemary Vandenbroucke is in hot water after being busted twice in two days while on vacation in the US. She joins the lines of beautiful people getting into trouble in Nevada. First, Rosemary was booked for possession of a controlled substance while attending the Burning Man Festival. Then, the next day she drove her rented RV in the Reno Arch. She was bailed again on three misdemeanor charges. If convicted on the possession charges she faces up to four years on probation.

Rosemary was born in the south of France in 1982. Her father is of French-Russian origin while her mother is Chinese. She has been a model on the Hong Kong scene since being discovered as a 14-year old. She also has a singing career.

Here’s an interview with Rosemary. But before you go and read up on juicy gossip, leave a comment and tell us about your experiences at Burning Man, or that last time you ran into a landmark in Reno.

Rosemary HK model Rosemary in strife over crash, drugs