Allegations tarnish Sweden’s ‘perfect monarch’

According to the new biography ‘The Reluctant Monarch,’ Swedish King Gustav III led a playboy lifestyle after his crowning that continued after his marriage and included threesomes and a romp with a stripper at the Atlanta Olympics.

How would you feel if you were his wife, Queen Silvia?

Allegations tarnish Sweden’s ‘perfect monarch’

NRL’s Monaghan in the dog house

Australian Rugby League star Joel Monaghan is facing the sack after a picture of him engaged in a ‘lewd act’ with a dog appeared on the Internet. Police and rugby officials have launched a probe while the RSPCA has also expressed outrage.

What’s your take on Monaghan’s “moment of madness?”

NRL’s Monaghan in the dog house

89 die in plane crashes in Pakistan and Cuba

All 68 people including 28 foreigners aboard AeroCaribbean Flight 883 were killed when it crashed in a mountainous region in central Cuba, while 21 people died when a private plane chartered to an Italy-based oil company went down near the airport in Karachi, Pakistan.

89 die in plane crashes in Pakistan and Cuba

Masked man boards flight

In what Canadian authorities are calling an “unbelievable case of concealment,” a person who appeared to be an elderly white man boarded a plane in Hong Kong and alighted in Canada as a young Asian man. The passenger changed out of his disguise in the airplane’s bathroom during the flight. Upon arrival he was escorted off the plane by Border Services Officers and applied for refugee status.

Masked man boards flight

Alas, we’ll miss Christine O’Donnell

The magic of Tea Party Express candidate Christine O’Donnell was not enough to overcome Democratic challenger Chris Coons.

Coons easily trounced O’Donnell to become the next senator for Delaware.

It’s too bad, because O’Donnell provided more comedic fodder than her boring political opponent.

The Democrats, however, must be happy. They were expecting to run a competitive race against Republican establishment candidate Mike Castle, until he lost to everyone’s favorite anti-masturbation candidate.

Sigh, we’ll miss O’Donnell.

Alas, we’ll miss Christine O’Donnell

Wall Street gorges on record bonuses

Guest starring David Abitbol as Bank Worker.

America is still reeling from the Great Recession, but the people responsible for this mess have opted to give themselves a record-high $144 billion or more in compensation and benefits for 2010.

To put that figure in perspective, that’s the amount President Bush asked Congress to spend on a stimulus package in 2008.

To be fair, Wall Street revenue is expected to rise slightly, and most of the big banks have paid the US government back the money it used to bail them out of the financial crisis. But they’re also benefiting from the low interest rates the Federal Reserve is using to stimulate the economy, which they wrecked. And now they’ve brought us “Foreclosure-gate.”

So why do these people need to have their tax breaks extended?

Wall Street gorges on record bonuses

Qantas grounds A380s after explosion

Aussie carrier Qantas grounded its entire fleet of Airbus A380s after the engine on one exploded shortly after take off from Singapore. The plane landed safely back at Singapore after dumping fuel. An investigation into the cause of the explosion is underway.

Have you ever been on a plane that suffered a ‘mishap’? What did you do?

A380pic Qantas grounds A380s after explosion

Baghdad church bloodbath leaves 58 dead

At least 58 people were killed and 78 wounded when Iraqi militants took over a church during mass sparking a battle with security forces. An al-Qaeda linked group claimed responsibility for the attack on the Our Lady on Salvation church during evening mass on Sunday in the Iraqi capital.

What should Iraq’s Christians do?

Baghdad church bloodbath leaves 58 dead

Write-in campaign results in Alaskan nail-biter

Alaskans are in for a long wait for a final result after write in ballots topped the list in the Senate race between the Tea Party’s Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski waged a write-in campaign after losing to Tea Party candidate Joe Miller in the primary. This meant she had to teach everyone how to spell her name in addition to filling in an oval thingy on the ballot.

Write-in votes exceed total votes gathered by either Miller or the guy who ran on the Democratic ticket. So now comes the long count, but by the time the result is known no one outside of Alaska will likely care.

Write-in campaign results in Alaskan nail-biter

‘Shemale’ bride caught out by pervert in-law

A 17-year-old Chinese man who posed as a female and entered a sham marriage with the intent of stealing the dowry was busted after the groom’s perverted uncle tried it on with “her’ on the wedding night.

Scary? What would you have done?

shemale 'Shemale' bride caught out by pervert in law

A special look at the 10 US midterms

The year, the Donkey got stomped by the Elephant. As the polls predicted, there was a bumper crop of GOP victories. The Republicans regained control of the House, while the Democrats managed to hang onto the Senate.

In Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid eventually won out over Tea Party challenger Sharron Angle.

In Washington’s senate race, the race is still too close to call between incumbent Democrat Patty Murray and Republican challenger Dino Rossi.

Republican Rand Paul took the Senate seat in Kentucky, beating Democratic opponent Jack Conway.

In Alaska, write-in ballots could put Lisa Murkowski on top.

In California, Meg Whitman’s money wasn’t enough to buy her the California governorship. Likewise, fellow Silicon Valley alum Carly Fiorina failed to win her senate race.

In Delaware, Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell was trounced by Democrat Chris Coons. In New York, Tea Partier Carl Paladino lost by a wide margin to Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

A special look at the 2010 US midterms

Man beat priest in ‘abuse’ revenge attack

William Lynch, 43, turned himself into California police on Friday for the savage May 10 attack that saw Jesuit priest Jerold Lindner nearly beaten to death. Lynch told police the attack was revenge for the abuse he and his brother suffered at the hands of Lindner more than 30 years ago at a Church summer camp.

What’s your take on Lynch’s behavior?

Man beat priest in ‘abuse’ revenge attack

Drunk cop mows down cycling grandad

A cop has been suspended from duty in Changhua County after he hit and killed a pensioner while driving home from a drinking session with a friend. He was so drunk he drove the 5km home without realizing the old man’s bike was stuck under his car.

What do you think should happen to the cop?

hit and run drunk cop mows down cycling grandad

Hotel boss ‘drugged, fondled female guests’

A homestay boss in Taiwan’s Hualien City has closed shop and disappeared after being accused of drugging guests with tainted cake and coffee before molesting them. The man disappeared shortly after being released by prosecutors.

What would you have done if you’d caught him checking you out in the shower? Leave a comment below.

Hotel boss ‘drugged, fondled female guests’

Chinese Professor (Animated Parody)

Citizens Against Government Waste have released one of the finest pieces of ‘yellow peril’ propaganda since Sax Rohmer began publishing Fu Manchu novels.

Wow! They really nailed us! Yes, we’ll laugh at your demise … we’ll chortle and cluck with glee when it comes time to work off your slave debt.

That’s why, like the CAGW’s “Chinese Professor” ad, all of our content at Next Media Animation is in Mandarin. When we crack the whip over your heads and yell “你回去工作!,” we want you to understand what we’re saying, see?

We are so delighted that you are so confident in China’s ascendancy. Lack of democracy or human rights … A creaking financial system … riots and social instability … We’re sure all those problems will be worked out by 2030 when it’s time to assume the leasehold on America!!

But until then, all you really need to know about the US-China relationship can be understood in our evil, Fu Manchu ‘stache-twisting laugh.

Original Video:

Chinese Professor Animated Parody

Teacher used snot, spit to punish kids

In our latest tale of human perversion. A teacher in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture faces censure after it was revealed he used dice to decide punishments for his students. Among the options on the dice were being spat upon and being the teacher’s “lifetime love.” The teacher now awaits news of his own punishment after an investigation was launched into his bizarre behavior.

Do you think it was harmless fun by an innocent old timer or was there something more sinister? Leave a comment below.

Teacher used snot, spit to punish kids

Magician cheats gullible marks with dog blood scam

A fake magician who claims to be able to “cut up peach blossom” (stop spouses from cheating) and boost wealth has been charged with cheating more than US$26 million from gullible believers. He claims to work Mao-shan magic with dog’s blood, straw dolls and cell phones for communicating with the ghost of dead babies.

Magician cheats gullible marks with dog blood scam

Bears found eating graveyard corpses

Two Russian women paying their respects at a grave got a shock last week when they found a bear eating a freshly dug-up corpse. Experts believe global warming is causing a shortage in bears’ traditional food sources, meaning they have to resort to other forms of sustenance to stay alive.

Do you agree with the experts assessment that global warming is to blame? Leave a comment below.

For more tales of animal madness click here.

Bears found eating graveyard corpses

Angle / Reid contest down to the wire

The contest is close for Nevada’s senate seat, a race that pits Majority Leader Harry Reid against Tea Party challenger Sharon Angle.

Many voters blame Reid for Nevada’s unemployment and housing problems. Angle, meanwhile, is campaigning on an anti-immigration platform.

Some of her more colorful gaffes include describing a room full of Hispanic college students as Asian. She also described herself as the first Asian lawmaker in Nevada’s state legislature.

The anti-abortion candidate also said rape and incest victims should make lemonade out of a lemon situation.

Despite her seeming missteps, Angle has given Reid a pounding in polls in the lead up to next week’s vote.

Check out some of our other animations on US politics and elections here.

Angle Reid contest down to the wire

Miscarriage woman left tied to table for three hours

In the latest example of scandalous behavior by a doctor. A doctor in China’s Shenzhen left a woman who had suffered a miscarriage spreadeagled and tied to an operating table for more than three hours after she said she couldn’t pay for extra treatment. She was only rescued after contacting her boyfriend. An official investigation later found the clinic had not done anything illegal.

Why do you think the investigation found nothing wrong? Leave a comment below.

Miscarriage woman left tied to table for three hours

Mugabe’s wife had five-year affair, say reports

In our latest story of African nobility gone wild, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s wife and his best friend and personal financier Gideon Gono have been carrying on behind his back for years, according to reports. Mugabe, 86, found out about the affair from his dying sister in August. The only other person in the room for the deathbed confession, bodyguard Cain Chademana, later died in mysterious circumstances.

It is possible to feel sorry for Mugabe? Leave a comment below.

Mugabe's wife had five year affair

Tuesday Weather Girl esse

Esse is here for our fans with your Tuesday, October 19, forecast for US weather. Now that you’ve met all of our Weather Girls, which one do you like best?

Tuesday Weather Girl: Esse

Shake that, Esse! Esse is a bad girl now. Enjoy the ride as she gives you Tuesday’s forecast.

But watch out: There will be a test at the end.

If you missed the temperature for your city, Esse will have to punish you for being naughty.

It’s time for your Tuesday forecast. Let the lovely Esse run through the weather for you. She’s guaranteed to make it feel one or two degrees warmer.

Hello my knight in shining armor! This is Esse. I’m so happy to see you. Do you like my Tuesday forecast?

Who needs the Weather Channel when you have Esse to give you your Tuesday forecast for major US cities?

Jon Stewart rallies the troops in Washington

Guest starring Nicholas J Longtin as ‘Sane Demonstrator’.

Comedian Jon Stewart plans to hold a rally for viewers and fans in Washington on October 30. Dubbed the “Rally to Restore Sanity,” the event is seen as a response to a similar rally held by Glenn Beck over the summer.

Lending their support to the rally are high-profile liberals such as Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey. Conservative critics allege Stewart is attempting to mobilize young viewers and influence the November 2 elections.

Indeed, the rally is seen as benefiting Obama and the Democrats, who are likely to the polls next week. Obama in turn plans to appear on Stewart’s show.

Whether Stewart’s fan base can stay energized and show up at the polls remains to be seen. November 2, after all, marks the return of the McRib sandwich at McDonald’s.

Jon Stewart rallies the troops in Washington

Van partiers escape killer gas

This was a birthday celebration that turned deadly. This weekend, five friends from Taiwan’s northwestern city of Taoyuan checked in to a motel for an all-night after-party. All was harmless until three of them decided to move to the garage and inside their van where there was music and air-conditioning. The next day, the three were found unconscious inside the van, having been poisoned by carbon monoxide from the exhaust.

Fortunately, everyone is still alive. Be careful, kids.

What are some ways to avoid accidents like this. We want to hear from you.

carbon monoxide Van partiers escape killer gas

Clinton lost nuke codes, alleges retired general

Former chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs and retired US general Hugh Shelton has alleged in his new book that former President Bill Clinton once lost the codes that enabled the US to launch its nuclear arsenal. Although useless in the hands of an ordinary person, the loss meant that at the time the US could not have launched an immediate response had it come under attack.

What happened to the ‘biscuit’? Do you think Monica Lewinsky was a Russian spy and stole them? Leave a comment below.

Clinton lost nuke codes, alleges retired general

Monday Weather Girl

Monday Weather Girl: Mei Mei

Monday Weather Girl Mei Mei is back to shake her thing for our fans. You can also tune in if you want to see what the weather’s going to be like stateside.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s forecast, click here.

To find out more about the Weather Girls, check out their Facebook page (Chinese only)

Mei Mei does her cheerleader routine one last time for your Monday, October 25 forecast. Hip, hip, hooray!

Monday Weather Girl: Mei Mei

Monday Weather Girl Irene

Hey boys! It’s Weather Girl Irene. Watch on as she gives you the forecast for Monday.

Hey US of A! Get ready cos’ the Weather Girls are here with a ‘bad’ new look for November.

New cast member Irene gets things underway with a Sin City-esque routine guaranteed to warm even the coldest heart.

Don’t know about you but I just can’t wait til tomorrow.

Miss last month’s costume already?

For those of you with Weather Girls withdrawal symptoms. You can do some more ogling here on their Facebook page. (Chinese only)

It’s Monday. So little cutie Irene is here to strut her stuff while giving Weather Girls’ fans the Nov. 15

Watch Irene do her ‘bad’ girl routine and you might even find out what the weather’s going to be like on Monday.

Croc caused Congo plane crash: survivor

An August plane crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo originally thought to have been caused by a fuel shortage was actually caused by a rogue crocodile, the only survivor has revealed. The survivor told how the escaped croc caused panic on board and led to the crash, which killed 20 people.

Do you believe the survivor’s account? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard of being taken on a plane? Leave a comment below.

Croc caused Congo plane crash

Hiker saves wife from killer wasps

A Taiwan man was hailed a hero after using his body to shield his wife when their hiking group came under attack from a swarm of Asian giant hornets. Experts warned hikers to be careful – the group was the second in two days to come under attack as the wasps enter their most active season.

Have you ever been attacked by creatures? What did you do? Leave a comment below.

Learn more about the Asian giant hornet here.

Hiker saves wife from killer wasps