Al Gore reeling after sex-crazed poodle allegations

Former US vice president and climate change warrior Al Gore is in hot water after news emerged this week of a 2006 close encounter with a hotel masseuse in Oregon. In a statement made to Portland police reported in the press, the 54-year-old masseuse recounted how she repeatedly had to fight off groping Gore as he made several attempts to bed her after she attended his hotel suite to administer a massage. So far, no charges have been filed.

Al Gore reeling after sex crazed poodle allegations

UPDATE: Police re-open investigation into Al Gore sex poodle claims

Police in have re-opened their investigation into whether former vice president Al Gore sexually assaulted a masseuse in Portland, Oregon. Masseuse Molly Hagerty claims Gore groped and assaulted her during a late-night hotel massage session in 2006. She claims to have evidence of the encounter left by Gore on her pants. She called Gore a crazy sex poodle. Some of friends of liberal Hagerty did not want her to come forward with her claims, because Gore is a champion of the environment.