Weiner Twitter photo scandal and how he could’ve prevented it

Everyone has heard about Rep. Weiner’s ‘crotch shot’ scandal by now. He could’ve avoided this mess if only he knew how to cheat in the digital age.

1. For one, you should diversify on Twitter. The more people you follow, the better you can hide all your college coed ‘friends.’

2. When sending photos of your genitals, be sure to use a private direct message instead of a public @ reply so they don’t appear in your feed.

3. And if you get caught, don’t resort to lame excuses, like saying someone may have ‘manipulated’ your wiener.

4. If you really want to troll for girls anonymously, why not do it on one of the many adult ‘dating’ sites?

5. And if all else fails, you can always get a good, old-fashioned hooker. Just make sure you cover the money trail.

What other advice do you have for Mr. Weiner?

  • http://profiles.google.com/rrwillsj richard wills

       For someone who is suppose to be so smart, Weiner is certainly acting pretty stupid.

    There is no privacy anymore with our mindless devotion to modern technology.

    So get over it.

    When people get on their high horse and bellow how outraged they are that they
    have no online privacy, are like the peeping Tom who complains when the
    local newspaper publishes his name and photo being arrested.

    That right to privacy, you deny others, lost it’s standing as a “right”, when you made
    the decision to invade other peoples lives.

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