Are we turning into a society of voyeurs?

Videos of crimes and accidents shot by eyewitnesses are popping up all over the Internet, however, no one seems to be helping the victims. Have we become a society of inconsiderate voyeurs?

It wasn’t always like this. In the past, vigilante videographers used the medium to expose injustice and inequity.

Some US states even passed so-called “good Samaritan laws” which mandate witnesses to provide “reasonable assistance” to those in peril.

However, this mentality failed to catch on. As society’s fixation on celebrities turned to obsession, photographers became more willing to abandon common decency in exchange for a juicy shot.

Thanks to advances in technology, everyday people have become paparazzi. Bystanders are now more likely to use their phones to film crimes, than they are to report them.

While videos of crimes do provide authorities with good evidence, do we really want our police officers on YouTube all day?

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  • Martin Phipps

    It’s a difficult issue.  Where as good Samaritan laws will require people to lend assistance to people in danger, they don’t extend to punishing attackers as that would be vigilanteism.  Besides, most police officers would prefer a witness provide video evidence of an attack than become another victim.