Tsunami flushes out several high-profile assholes

While most people were left in shock and awe of the destructive power of the tsunami that wiped out towns and villages along the Japanese coastline, many other less caring individuals sought to make jokes and money out of the disaster. How should we deal with such heartless folk?

What do you think of those who make such comments? Leave a comment below.

tsunami1 Tsunami flushes out several high profile assholes (Next Media Animation TV)

  • http://zweifatchicks.podbean.com/ Sheila Mazur

    For every high profile douche bag, there are one thousand people that have donated via the Red Cross, Google Crisis, Save the Children, etc.
    I still can’t believe the whole “pay back for Pearl Harbour” thing going around.  Aside from the fact that it’s just a ridiculous statement, even if it were relevant: a) What?  The two atomic bombs weren’t enough for you?! and b) I’m willing to bet that most, if not all of the people killed were *not* Japanese WWII veterans (who deserve just as much respect as our veterans since it was over 60 years ago – c’mon move on people.  If England had an earthquake would that be ‘pay back’ for the casualties of the Revolutionary War?).

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  • Haywood

    dare I say, perhaps the ‘South Park’ with a nice injection of CGI.

  • steve

    I hope it’s just satire.   At least I saw Godzilla at the end of the video, which was re-assuring.

  • shura_amerikan

    As an American, I’ve donated and am willing to donate more. Not only to allies, but to anyone in need. It’s just who we are at the core. Celebrities be damned, the ‘common’ people here are ALWAYS willing to help. ALWAYS.

  • Eddie Starter

    Good! even the China Post in Taipei on first day of events, front page story, subheadline said “the quake was equivalent to 11,000 atomic bombs” …WTF? why mention THAT in a country that was hit hard by two atomic bombs that killed thousands..? i called the China Post that day and said that was very insensitive and the Taiwnese editor said OH REALLY? I HAD NOT THOUGHT OF THAT…… and that KMT leg. aide who wrote on Faceobok he wanted to kill more Japanese? YUCK this video is a good reminder. thanks

  • GhostUnit

    Hey you didn’t mention the elephant in the room: Japan’s very own Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, who called it “divine punishment”. Check it out yourself:
    I think this segment is VERY incomplete with that mention left out.