Cathay Pacific employee quits after coffee throwing rant

Thai Cathay Pacific flight attendant quits after threatening to throw coffee on VIP: A Cathay Pacific stewardess from Thailand quit her job after saying she wanted to throw coffee at Paetongtarn Shinawatra, daughter of former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

The flight attendant, known only by her Facebook handle Honey Lochanachai, hates Thaksin. She said on Facebook that she became upset when she saw Paetongtarn’s name on the flight manifest.

Honey Lochanachai fantasized about throwing coffee on Paetongtarn and called her “personal adviser” to ask if that was OK. Her adviser advised her that to do so would be illegal.

“I could not work knowing the daughter of my enemy was on the plane,” Honey wrote on Facebook. “Initially I made another plan with the help of my colleague on the flight who was also an anti-Thaksin to slander Thaksin in front of his daughter before the plane landed in Hong Kong.”

“But I gave up. I could not stop crying realizing that we will have to continue to fight with ‘bad peoples,’” she continued.

The Facebook posts went viral but have since been deleted. Honey says she quit her job as a Cathay Pacific flight attendant. Cathay says she was fired.