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By November, 2010, Next Media Animation had already achieved notoriety with our videos on Tiger Woods, JetBlue’s Steven Slater and more. NMA profile’s profile got a further boost when we were featured on late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien’s TBS show. NMA’s animation lampooned Conan O’Brien’s debut on TBS in an animation that featured a self-pleasuring monkey-spanking bear, media executive Jeff Zucker being run over by a Comcast truck and commentary on Jay Leno’s dwindling ratings. Days later Conan aired an animated parody of NMA that showed Conan and Andy Richter fighting over yogurt. Two days later, we released our response, which Conan aired. Be sure to get our daily updates by liking us on…

George Lopez cancelled, cuz he’s “brown”?


TBS has cancelled George Lopez‘s late night show. Lopez suggested it’s because he’s Latino. He also complained that “cable doesn’t work.” Puzzling, since reruns of his old sitcom on Nick at Nite pull millions of viewers. The cancellation is more likely due to Lopez’s new timeslot. His audience has plummeted since moving to midnight. And who’s to blame for that? Conan O’Brien, whose new show pushed Lopez back from 11pm. Now Conan is the last man standing. Will he continue to succeed, or is the great TBS late night experiment destined to fail? Guest starring Julia Jem Balila as TBS scientist. English:

Conan and feud over knock-off Taiwanese animation


Conan O’Brien is using cheap, knock-off ‘Taiwanese animation’ on his new TBS show. News consumers of Taiwanese animation should not be fooled. Conan relies on a press gang of American child labor to make his animated works. lawyers have filed paperwork to seize Conan’s blimp as payment for the IPR violations. We will also accept as payment Andy Richter, who would make a nice addition to the Taipei Zoo.

Conan O’Brien returns to television


Conan O’Brien is returning to television. Last week, fellow comedian George Lopez welcomed Conan to cable network TBS. Fans are excited to see what Conan has in store. Will he reprise popular skits such as the self-pleasuring bear? NBC owns the rights to the skit. Conan has said he will fight for his masturbating bear in court. Conan left NBC after Jeff Zucker tried to force Conan and his Tonight Show out of the 11:30pm time slot. [WATCH ANIMATION HERE]. Viewers in Taiwan are unable to watch Conan on TV because TBS isn’t generally available here. However, they will be able to watch Conan on his website. Chinese subtitles here: