Tuition hikes spark ‘Maple Spring’ student strikes

Tuition hikes spark 'Maple Spring' student strikes in Canada

Tuition hikes are the culprit behind an increase in student strikes across Canada. The Canadian government’s proposal to raise tuition fees by 75% ($1,625) over the next five years has created social unrest among students. Approximately 170,000 students are on strike and rallies have even reached up to 200,000 protesters at a time. Although tuition in Québec is the lowest in North America, students still refuse to pay an extra $325 a year. The average tuition rate in Canada is $2,519 while the U.S. average is nearly 12 times this amount at $31,000. Strikers aren’t as concerned about the finances as they are the symbolism behind the increases, and the way the government is treating…

School stops school buses, frisks students for missing fees

School stops school busses, frisks students for missing fees

School officials at a Taichung high school stopped school buses and frisked students in an attempt to find NT$16,000 worth of winter session fees that had gone missing during lunch break. Some parents were offended that the school had treated their kids like thieves. They called Apple Action News, which did this report.