Pussy Riot rocks anti-Putin sentiment at church

Pussy Riot Anti-Putin Punk Band Church Show Trial in Full Swing

Russian punk band Pussy Riot went on trial this week. They were thrown in jail after screaming “Virgin Mary drive Putin away!” at Russia’s Christ the Savior Cathedral. Pussy Riot is known for their impromptu and anonymous shows pointing out the injustices of the political system. Their February performance, at the altar of Moscow’s largest church, resulted in jailtime for three of the band members. The three members pleaded not guilty to the charges of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred or hostility.” The trio defended their actions, saying their performance was solely directed at Putin. They chose to chant the “prayer” at a church, to symbolize the church’s inappropriate involvement with Vladimir Putin. If they…

Putin and his “Army” eyeing presidency?


Russian PM Vladimir Putin is eyeing the presidency again. He recently called the US “a parasite” while exhibiting feats of strength. Russians seem to welcome the idea, especially a group of female supporters who have dubbed themselves “Putin’s Army.” The group is encouraging others to strip in support of a Putin presidential campaign, as well as a chance to win an iPad 2. Women are expressing their undying love for Putin, and some have even vowed to kill for him. However, a group called “Medvedev’s Girls” has emerged as a rival. Will the 2012 election descend into a sexist farce? ENGLISH: