Norwegian gunman listened to “Lord of the Rings” music during massacre


Norwegian gunman Anders Breivik reportedly used music from The Lord of the Rings as a relaxation tool as he conducted the massacre. On top of praising the music as “an incredibly powerful piece,” the killer also lauded Japan, South Korea and Taiwan as countries that embrace monoculturism and “still are well-developed.”

Cold-blooded Norwegian gunman a “woman-hater”


Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto revealed several clues about his personality. Estranged from his biological father, he grew up with his mother and stepfather. He joined the right-wing Progress Party at an early age, and intentionally became an emotionally-detached person so that he could successfully carry out his massacre plan. He also wrote about how he should “get used to killing women, even attractive ones.”

Unhappy customer shoots up KTV


A man and his friend were arrested and charged after shooting up a Taipei County Karaoke bar. The dispute began when the customer accused the boss of charging him too much for “ugly” hostesses. Do you think the man was right to complain? Leave a comment below.

German lawyer’s shooting rampage leaves 4 dead


A 41-year-old German lawyer went on a killing spree that left four dead, including her ex-husband and five-old-son.

9 killed in Philippines hostage drama


The Philippines became the final destination for 9 tourists from Hong Kong. The 22-person tour group had planned on returning to Hong Kong yesterday evening. After a morning visit to Manila’s Jose Rizal Park, the group was held hostage by a 55-year-old man wearing police uniform. His name was Rolando Mendoza. Mendoza was once a respected police officer. He was dismissed last year from drug-related crimes and extortion. He wanted his job back.