Tim Tebow to New England Patriots – fail or leap of faith?

Tebow 320

Tim Tebow’s career in the NFL isn’t quite over yet, as Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots plan to sign him on Tuesday if he passes a physical.   The Patriots will sign Tebow because their offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel still believes he made the correct call when he drafted Tebow in the first round of the NFL draft in 2010, when he was the head coach for the Denver Broncos. It appears like Tebow could be Coach Belichick’s latest reclamation project. Some, like Randy Moss, work while others, like butt-slapping Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, fail. Belichick also seems to really like messing with NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan. Ryan and the Jets cut Tebow…

Former NFL cheerleader ‘grabs’ boy’s junk

Elizabeth Garner: Tennessee Titans cheerleader ‘grabs’ 12-year-old’s junk

Elizabeth Garner, a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader, is facing jail time after being charged with aggravated sexual battery against a 12-year old boy. Garner was attending a party at the time of the alleged offense and reportedly followed the boy to the bathroom. She allegedly grabbed the boy’s penis and attempted to perform oral sex on him. The boy escaped and told his mother. When questioned by police, Garner admitted following the boy to the bathroom, but said she did so because she was drunk and mistook him for another adult male present at the party. Garner faces more than eight years in jail if found guilty. The boy meanwhile, faces a lifetime of ridicule…

Dr Phil interviews Tuiasosopo re Manti Te’o hoax

Te’o hoaxster tells Dr Phil

Dr Phil Ronaiah Tuiasosopo interview: Manti Te’o hoaxster Ronaiah Tuiasosopo told Dr Phil he maintained an Internet relationship with the Notre Dame college football star by pretending to be a woman named “Lennay Kekua” because he was “deeply, romantically” in love with Te’o. Throughout the college football season, Te’o spoke openly about his long-distance relationship with “former Stanford student Lennay Kekua,” who was supposedly injured in a car accident and recovered only to be diagnosed with and die from leukemia. It was THE story of the college football season and it helped fuel Te’o’s run at the Heisman Trophy, but it was a sham. Deadspin ran a story last month proving “Kekua” never existed, prompting…

Super Bowl Commercials 2013 vs Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl vs. Commercials: Who will win?

Super Bowl 2013 is this Sunday. Let’s face, it most everyone will be watching the big game for the Super Bowl commercials, while most of the rest will be watching for Beyonce’s Halftime show. We decided to combine the best of both worlds in this animation. The San Francisco 49ers are squaring off against the Baltimore Ravens in 2013’s Super Bowl XLVII. Who will win? Who cares! We’re watching for the commercials and whether or not Beyonce will actually sing during the Halftime Show. Let us know your favorite ads in the comments below. ENGLISH:

Super Bowl 2013: 49ers vs Ravens in #harbowl

兄弟鬩牆 超級盃上演

Super Bowl 2013: It will be brother vs brother at this year’s Super Bowl. San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh faces off against his elder sibling, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. The impending family dust-up is already being dubbed the #harbowl. The 49ers impressively dug out of a 17-point hole to beat the Falcons in the NFC Championship, while the Ravens upset the Patriots in the AFC Championship, thus sparing the nation from another Super Bowl featuring New England, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Who do you think will win, the Ravens or the 49ers? Let us know in the comments. ENGLISH:

Manti Te’o: hoaxed or hoaxster?


Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o claims he is the victim of a cruel hoax after Deadspin ran a story proving the cancer victim Te’o spoke openly of dating when she died this season never existed. If Te’o is to be believed, this means that he communicated via phone and Twitter for nearly a year with a false Internet persona created by a male family friend. Either that, or he participated in an elaborate lie that fooled the likes of CBS, ESP, AP and the New York Times for an entire football season. The heartbreaking tale of Te’o’s long-distance relationship with “former Stanford student Lennay Kekua” had been the inspirational story of the college football…

Tebow’s NFL career sabotaged by New York Jets


Tebow is finally standing up for himself after having an entire year of his NFL career wasted by coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets and his image tarnished by a series of malicious leaks to the media from within the Jets football organization. After leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs last season, Tim Tebow has been reduced to a bit player by Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, seeing only occasional playing time in the Jets’ Wildcat formation and, of all things, on the punt return team. This is much to the delight of Tebow haters in the media, who never understood how Tebow managed to win last year despite posting generally…

Lionel Messi: the goal machine breaks record

Lionel Messi: Barcelona’s goal machine breaks Gerd Muller’s 40-year record

Lionel Messi of Barcelona broke the four-decade-old record of former Bayern Munich and Germany legend Gerd Muller for the most goals in a calendar year on Sunday when he netted both goals for the Catalan giants in a 2-1 win over Real Betis. This was an exciting week for Lionel Messi who broke Gerd ‘Der Bomber’ Muller’s 40-year-old record for most goals scored in a calendar year. Born in football-crazed Argentina, Messi was destined for greatness from a young age. As a child prodigy, Messi ran rings around the opposition. But at age 11, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, putting his football career in jeopardy. His parents couldn’t afford the medicine, but…