It’s a Knockout host Stuart Hall joins the ‘Pervy British Host’ Hall of Fame

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It’s a Knockout host Stuart Hall is about to join Jimmy Savile and a handful of other celebrities that have managed to ruin our childhood. Hall, a veteran BBC broadcaster has pleaded guilty to sexual assaulting 13 girls between the ages of nine to 17 over a period of 18 years. One victim told reporters she finally found the strength to come forward after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke. The woman, who is going by the name Amy to keep her privacy intact, believes Hall should, “die behind bars.” according to The Sun. According to Amy, she was picked to be a cheerleader on the show It’s a Knockout, after she was spotted at her…


hall 320


BBC = Bumbling Broadcasting Corporation

Jimmy Savile Pedophile

Jimmy Savile is haunting the BBC. That is one of the only ways to explain the Newsnight Scandal, payout controversy and other errors threaten the BBC’s reputation. A new scandal is putting a dark mark the BBC’s powerful reputation while the large company is till in the middle of the Jimmy Savile fiasco. On November 2, BBC2’s Newsnight broadcasted a report reopening an child abuse case of a man who was sexually abused when living in a children’s home in north Wales over 20 years ago. Although they did not name the alleged abuser, the had enough clues for the smart people of the internet to figure out who they were talking about. Only problem?…

Jimmy Savile abuse claims leave BBC scrambling

Jimmy Savile abuse claims leave BBC scrambling

The BBC has launched two independent inquiries into allegations that late TV presenter and DJ Jimmy Savile perpetrated a decades-long campaign of child abuse while working at the corporation. Savile, a philanthropist who raised an estimated 40 million pounds for charity during his lifetime, has gone from hero to villain in the months since his death in October 2011 aged 84 after dozens of victims came forward alleging abuse. ITV’s aired allegations of abuse in its documentary “Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” broadcast on Oct. 3, 2012. A few days later police confirmed they were following 340 separate lines of inquiry and 40 potential victims dating back almost five decades. Savile’s former employers,…

Pandagate: BBC names Tian Tian a Face of the Year

Pandagate: BBC names panda Tian Tian a Face of the Year

The BBC is in trouble with feminists for choosing a panda named Tian Tian as one of 12 female Faces of the Year. Critics say the pick deprecated female achievement in 2011. The hashtag #pandagate is now trending on twitter, as well as the #realwomenoftheyear tag, meant to counter the Beeb’s list. Tian Tian, or Sweetie in English, lives at the Edinburgh Zoo. Pandas, an endangered species, are star attractions at zoos all over the world. But they cannot be owned, only loaned from the Chinese government. Apart from being adorable, however, pandas are pretty much useless. Pandas are relatives of bears who evolved to become vegetarian. However, they are so inefficient at digesting bamboo,…

As Seen On: BBC’s Newsnight

Next Media Animaiton BBC Newsnight

Last year, BBC program Newsnight commissioned three pieces from Next Media Animation on the UK general election campaign. The first episode was broadcast on April 17, 2010. Election 2010 Made in Taiwan: Kick off is a minute-long rundown of key and quirky moments of the general election campaign up to that point. The second episode, Election 2010 Made in Taiwan: Cleggmania, was our take on the surge in popularity for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. In the third episode, Election 2010 Made in Taiwan: Bigotgate, we turned our attention to the Gillian Duffy affair, in which Gordon Brown was caught calling a Labour supporter a “bigoted woman.” Newsnight liked these animations so much they commissioned…

As Seen On: Russell Howard’s Good News

As Seen On: Russell Howard's Good News

Two male penguins in a Canadian zoo making mating calls to one another? When Next Media Animation heard about this one in November, we had to animate it. Soon after the video hit the web, it was featured on British comedy show Russell Howard’s Good News. Next Media Animation’s video drew more attention to the gay penguins, showing them with hearts in their eyes, and depicting them getting up close and personal with each other. To really set the mood, the video was set to a romantic tune in the background. Russell Howard’s audience laughed with delight as he aired the segment. It’s great to know that NMA is making waves and making people laugh…

‘Trader from Hell’ goes viral on the BBC


Stock trader Alessio Rastani told the BBC he has been dreaming of another recession, saying that savvy traders would be able to cash in. His statement shocked people. The clip went viral and he quickly became a poster boy for ‘greedy traders’. Traders thought Rastani was just pointing out the obvious. Others wondered if he was a hoaxer trying to damage the financial industry. Actually, Rastani is not much of a trader at all. He told the Telegraph newspaper trading was more of a hobby. His real business seems to be selling stock market ‘secrets’ to those seeking to make a fast buck. ENGLISH: