Captain America 2 Trailer: Winter Soldier fights Obama


The Captain America 2 Official Trailer is here (sort of). The official movie poster for Winter Soldier was released Tuesday, but the trailer hasn’t. So we here at NMA offer our vision for what the next instalment of Captain America will look like. All that is officially known of the storyline is that Captain America will fight dark forces in Washington DC. Who could that be? It must be President Obama and the NSA! ENGLISH:

Attacks on Snowden distract us from NSA’s illegal spying

Edward Snowden NSA

You’re being watched by the surveillance state. The NSA is spying on innocent US citizens. How has the Washington political and media establishment responded to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s explosive leaks? By reframing the debate and making the story about Snowden – is he a traitor, is he a patriot – to divert attention away from the US government’s enormous, secret unconstitutional spying program, which President Obama promised to curtail but which he instead has expanded. Snowden’s leaks published thus far by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian and reported on by other independent-minded journalists are only the tip of the iceberg. Writing in The Guardian, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg said “there has not been…

Obama administration approves NSA data mining programs



Fox News Reporter Obama Administration’s latest target

Obama 320

Recent reports make it obvious that the Obama Administration is going to great lengths in order to defend ‘national’ secrets from the public. Whatchya hiding Obama? After what seemed to be a routine leak by the AP about a thwarted al-Qaeda terror plot in Yemen, the Justice Department went ballistic and began obtaining months of phone records from the AP. This week we learned the Government was spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen’s personal life as part of an investigation into an alleged leak of top-secret information on North Korea prompted by a 2009 article written by Rosen. Investigators believe the intel was given to him Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, a State Department contractor, who…

Hands of my internet! Obama, FBI to wiretap the web

wiretap 320

Obama internet wiretaps: the FBI could gain new powers should a new plan from the White House be approved. According to reports, President Barack Obama is close to backing surveillance laws that would make it easier for the FBI to ‘wiretap’ and eavesdrop on the internet. The FBI says it needs the law to monitor the communications of tech-savvy criminals. The FBI wants to surveil instant messaging services and Voice-over-IP. The agency would have unprecedented access to our communications. Companies such as Facebook and Google would be required to open up communications, or else face a fine of $25,000 per day. ENGLISH:

Obama Administration Cockblocks Plan B Proposal

plan b 320

Emergency contraceptives may be as easy to get as lollipops if District Judge Edward Korman of New York has anything to do with it. Korman was the man behind the April ruling asking the FDA to make emergency contraceptives available over the counter for women of all ages. The Food and Drug Administration didn’t quite comply with Korman’s ruling, but it did move the age for which the Plan B emergency contraceptive pill could be bought from 17 to 15. The FDA also announced that the one-pill version of the contraceptive will be sold on pharmacy shelves instead of behind the counter effective immediately. Not everyone is pushing for emergency contraceptives to be readily available…

Sequester 2013 explained: Obama inflates fiscal danger of budget cuts

Sequester 2013 explained: Obama inflates fiscal danger of budget cuts

Sequester crisis? The sequester deadline has passed and the American economy lives on. Did President Barack Obama exaggerate the sequester’s impact in his fight with Republicans to agree to tax increases to reduce the budget deficit? In the lead up to a March 1 deadline, President Barack Obama portrayed the budget sequester as an economic doomsday for America. Administration officials warned of how cuts might impact the TSA. They said slashes to the FAA budget would mean fewer air traffic controllers. Officials even warned a plague might threaten American crops. But the sequester deadline has passed and the American economy lives on. Did Obama exaggerate the sequester’s impact? The sequester amounts to $85 billion in…

Harlem shake with video game characters!!!!!!!

Harlem Shake: Gaming with Skyrim/ Borderland 2/ Tekken 3/ Diablo 3

You’ve probably played Skyrim, Borderland 2, Street Fighter vs Tekken, and Diablo 3, but have you seen the characters do the Harlem shake? We also have a list of different Harlem Shakes including: – Gamers Harlem Shake with Skyrim, Borderland 2, Street Fighter vs Tekken and Diablo 3 – St. Patrick’s Day Harlem Shake – Jeremy Lin and Michelle Jenneke, aka, the sexy hurdler girl, Harlem Shake – Political Harlem Shake with Barak and Michelle Obama, Ma Ying Jeou, Colbert and Stewart – Celebrity Harlem Shake with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lady Gaga – Game of Thrones Harlem Shake with Jon Snow and Ghost, Tyrion Lannister and White Walker