Super Mario vs PETA: group targets video game

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is known for their very public, sometimes controversial, crusades against all forms of animal cruelty. Now they have trained their sights on a video game, Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D Land.

In the game, the popular character Mario is able to wear a “tanooki suit,” resembling a Japanese tanuki raccoon dog. PETA claims the suit encourages the wearing of fur products and has created a website in protest. The site features a parody game where players assume the role of a skinned “tanooki” who tries to wrestle his pelt back from an evil Mario lookalike.

People in the gaming press have been quick to point out that Mario is never seen harming a tanuki in the course of the game. One website called PETA’s outrage “absurd and unresearched.”

The tanooki suit first made an appearance in the 1988 title, Super Mario Bros. 3. It allows Mario, among other abilities, to transform into a stone statue, rendering him invincible to enemy attacks. Nintendo decided to bring the feature back for Super Mario 3D Land, which is available for the Nintendo 3DS this month.

One of the most beloved and enduring video game series in the history of the medium, Super Mario Bros. chronicles the heroics of Mario and his brother Luigi, two plumbers who happen upon an enchanted world called Mushroom Kingdom. They are often called upon to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser and his legion of reptilian henchmen.

Mario first appeared in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, and rose to popularity after the release of the original Super Mario Bros. title in 1985 on Nintendo’s popular NES home video game console.


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  • Sxeptomaniac

    PETA thinks they are drawing attention to a real problem: Raccoon Dogs being skinned alive for knockoff ugg boots. I’ll provide a link to an article, but you may not want to follow the link to the video; it really is the stuff of nightmares. I’m far from squeamish (I saw my first animal butchered when I was about 3), but I couldn’t finish the video; it made me sick.

    I sometimes wonder whose side PETA is on. The whole Mario thing actually draws attention away from a real problem.

  • Allan Muñoz Hanson

    OK this was stupid
    REALLY stupid, r u humans?, this campaign seems to be designed by an animal. not a thinking human being.
    u are showing violence to the society. atrocious thing like this game.
    i used to respect PETA but this provers that u are pure crap.

    PS: i’ve always seen the racoon suit as a costume. he got it from a magical leaf!!!! not killing a racoon.
    u got crap on your brains

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  • Me

    PETA = Douche bags

  • Nutman

    Tanooki suit in Mario= Suit made by a tailor named Tanooki, nothing to do with a certain animal.

    Organization as big as PETA can at least do some research before their next hair up their @$$ crusade.

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  • Forever

    Some people are just retarded.

  • Dude

    Ohh… NMA, you missed an opportunity here… you could have had Call of Duty MW3 done the assult on PETA… :( well there’s always next time…

  • Loreat

    In 2010, PETA killed 93.8% of all animals it “rescued.”   (Source – Virginia Department of Consumer and Agricultural Services).  They rescued 2345 and killed 2200 because, according to their FOUNDER it is cheaper to euthanize them than to keep them. Meanwhile, the SPCA, who works with a fraction of their budget, manages to adopt out many more than PETA.

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  • Corn

    So, PETA doesn’t have anything better to do than to defend PIXELS?
    This is another tick against America’s intelligence.

  • Abcdefg

    PETA = terrorists

    • Kari

      And attention whores.

    • Anonymous

      People for the Extremist Terrorism of America

    • Sxeptomaniac

      Terrorists are dangerous; PETA is a joke.

  • richard wills

    I wonder if some clever Nintendo flack
    slipped one of the more gullible PETA
    organizers “something under the table”
    to produce all this free publicity for the
    new game release with a fake controversy.