Stanley Cup 2011: Who to root for?

The Stanley Cup Finals have begun, featuring the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

Americans don’t know who to root for. The Canucks are Canadian and Boston is one of the most-hated sports cities in the US.

It’s no matter, though. Hockey is largely regarded as the redheaded step-child of American sports. The NHL is often overshadowed by the NBA, which schedules its championship during the same time of the year.

What could be done to make hockey more exciting?


  • Pigbang

    Will love the game even more if they don’t flip out and get into fist fights, or display gratuitous violence by knocking each other unconscious… A player recently dropped dead at his home after a concussion sustained a few months back. Wayne Gretzky shows a player could play with class and finesse without being charged for assault. 

  • richard wills

        Do I have to root for either one?

    How about a more useful sport, such as the Biathlon?

    Or, better yet, Roller Derby!  That quintessential  American sport.

    Sex and Violence at High Speed!

  • Martin

    Hockey is better than soccer because goals are less predictable: goals in soccer often happen immediately after a free kick or corner kick.  Hockey is better than basketball because getting a basket is too easy for NBA players and scores often exceed 100 points on each side.  I’m Canadian by the way.

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  • Mark

    It shows how little you understand our Canadian game. If  you would stop being so shamelessly pro-U.S. in your animations for once and take time to understand the beauty, speed, passion and pure adrenaline drama that is ice hockey, you would not have to ask how it can be made more exciting. NBA basketball on the other hand, is a game played by genetic freaks who dance around a small court and rack up point after point. Where’s the real excitement in that? Granted each sport has it’s own set of admirable skills but to blatantly suggest that hockey and “ho hum” belong in the same sentence is to demonstrate a pure and willful ignorance. Oh,I get it. The Americans have to be the best at everything and can’t take the fact that we have an infinitely more exciting product.