Shaq O’Neal sex tape led to promoter’s kidnap, alledgedly

A man has testified in an LA court that he was beaten by gang members who may be connected to Shaquille O’Neal, his former business partner.

Promoter Robert Ross claims he was kidnapped by the thugs, who demanded he give them a sex tape starring the retired NBA star. Ross says Shaq used his home for extra-marital trysts, which were caught on security camera.

Ross threatened to release the footage if Shaq didn’t pay him money he was owed on a music business deal.

Some reports say the sex tape might not exist.

Too bad. It would’ve done a lot better than any of Shaq’s other films.

If you’ve got your hands on this mysterious tape, we want to know!


  • Martin

    If there’s a Kathy Bates sex tape I don’t want to know.

  • richard wills

      Brings a whole new meaning to the term “shacking up”.