Richard Branson introduces Mile-high flirting to Virgin America

Virgin America’s Richard Branson, want’s his fliers to “get lucky” 35,000 feet in the air with his new Seat-to-Seat Delivery option.

As if this whole option isn’t creepy enough, Branson also released a video guide to getting lucky.

The new Seat-to-Seat Delivery system feature allows Virgin America travelers to send food and/or drinks to other passengers on the flight. Mid-air flirting made easy!

If everything works out according to plan, fliers will have an easier time joining the mile high club thanks to the world’s richest “wingman”, Richard Branson.

The only issue is the horrendous awkwardness that will come with a one-sided flirt fest.

Has Branson gone to far with his latest stunt? Maybe Seat-to-Seat Delivery would be better served for something other than flirting?

Do you like the idea of Seat-to-Seat Delivery? Let us know in the comments!