Associated Press Twitter hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The Associated Press said its Twitter account was hacked and a fake tweet was sent out saying explosions occurred at the White House and Obama was injured.

AP suspended their Twitter account and advised that all tweets should be ignored until further notice. The fake tweet sent at 1:07pm ET said, “Breaking: Two Explosion in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.” The US markets reacted almost immediately to the tweet and the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 150 points, but quickly bounced back after news of the hack.

It seems that hackers gained access to the AP account after a phishing email was sent to several AP reporters from the email account of another AP staffer. The link opened a fake login page asking users to enter their staff ID and password.

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a group claiming to back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has claimed responsibility for the attacks. They also claim to have been behind similiar Twitter attacks on AFP, Sky News Arabia, al-Jazeera, BBC and CBS News.