My Little Pony attracts Brony fans


Out of the swamps of 4Chan came an unlikely trend.

“Bronies” are adult male fans of the My Little Pony cartoon series.

They were mercilessly persecuted in 4Chan, but they responded with love and tolerance.

My Little Pony is aimed at little girls. But bronies say it is surprisingly well-written and beautifully animated.

Sick of the negativity on 4Chan, the bronies set up their own Internet HQ where they can post to their heart’s content.

Haters are gonna hate, but learning the lessons of friendship can only make life better for everypony.

vlcsnap 2011 08 09 17h41m12s120 My Little Pony attracts Brony fans (Next Media Animation TV)

  • richard wills

      Using the term Headquarters & High Quality creates an oxymoron.

  • bkd69

    HQ = ‘headquarters’, not ‘high quality’ in this context.