Pole dancing classes for kids? WTF!?

Pole dancing for kids. That’s right, pole dancing classes for kids is an actual thing. A studio in Duncan, British Columbia is offering classes for kids as young as 5.

The point of the pole-dancing classes is to provide a new way for kids to develop their strength and stay healthy. Apparently normal activities like ballet or soccer are just too blase for these sexy toddlers.

According to owner Kristy Craig, there are already three girls and one boy signed up for classes beginning at the end of the month. The student’s ages range from 5 to 12.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, “This is soooo wrong.” We agree, and so does child psychologist Derek Swain. Swain says this type of extracurricular activity can lead to bullying in school and even increase the chances these children will become professional strippers.

Before you go hatin’ on Canada for being one crazy country, don’t forget that Russia is currently hosting its own Pole Dancing Competition. Competitors as young as 7 will take to the pole to show their acrobatic skills.

What do you think? Trendy or trashy?