OKC Thunder chunky cheerleader called out

Oklahoma City Thunder players have been having a pretty decent 2013 season, too bad we can’t say the same for the OKC Thunder cheerleaders.

A troll-y blog post asking whether or not OKC cheerleader Kelsey Williams was “too chunky” to cheer has come under fire after it was published on CBS Houston’s website. The blog post was written by CBS blogger Anna-Megan Raley under the pseudonym “Claire Crawford.”

Clearly, those attacking the blog did not read far past the headline, because the blogger does mention having extra “meat on her bones” is actually a good thing. Commenters lashed out saying that the blog post was demeaning to women.

Really, people!? A Cheerleader’s only job is to be eye candy, so she should be thin. Instead of wasting time classifying people as pudgy or curvy, maybe these fat asses should just get in the gym and start working out.

Do you think Kelsey Williams is too fat to cheer? Let us know in the comments!