Obama-Romney debate 2012: Obama bounces back

Obama-Romney debate 2012: President Barack Obama finally showed up to debate Republican challenger Mitt Romney, after taking a beating in their first match-up. CNN correspondent Candy Crowley moderated the town hall-style debate format.

Asked about equal pay, Romney said he had “binders of women” he could employ. Obama hit Romney for not saying whether he would have signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The president also described Romney’s plan to cut taxes as “sketchy.” He said the math didn’t add up. But Romney hit back, noting national debt was $16 trillion, up from $10 billion when Obama took office.

Candy Crowley was generally seen as throwing softballs to Obama. She blew it when she “fact checked” Romney’s criticisms on Libya and later admitted Romney was right.


But businessman Romney flunked the question on bringing Chinese manufacturing jobs back to the US. Who wants low-wage assembly jobs? America should focus on higher value design, where the real money is at.