NYPD stop and frisk trial shows police training video

As part of the NYPD’s defense against the use of stop-and-frisk, city attorneys played an NYPD training video in court last week.
The New York City Police Department uses a nine-minute video to train officers on how to spot a suspect who might be packing heat. The video teaches, “When frisking a suspect, do your job thoroughly. Don’t be shy about going into the crotch area.” The video also includes potential signs that might mean a person is carrying a concealed weapon.
Potential signs of a burner include “a suspicious bulge at the waist line”, “a tilted shopping bag”, the wrong clothes on a clear day, a zipper pouch that looks heavy, anyone carrying an elongated package, or a suspect walking with a stiff leg. Other tips include, ‘the outline of a gun in a pocket”, “a shirt worn on the outside under a jacket” and “a suspect running with his hands in his pocket”.
In its defense, the NYPD says stop-and-frisk keeps its officers from getting too lazy. Lazy cops? Come on now…