Notre Dame says No … errr, Yes to China

For the last ten years, the University of Notre Dame has banned license holders from putting its logo on products made in China.

Notre Dame received praise from Republican lawmaker Frank Wolf for its China boycott. But is it an ethical stance or simply China-bashing?

After all, the school sells merchandise made in Vietnam, where labor conditions are equally suspect. Ironically, the same time Notre Dame is boycotting Chinese goods, they are expanding their presence in China.

How can Notre Dame court Chinese students while at the same time insulting their country?

Have you ever boycotted Chinese goods? Would you ever?


  • Alice

    I don’t think it’s quite the same thing, an individual can hold different views from its government.  So, a Chinese student might not necessarily agree with the labour policies in China and thus not be insulted by this ban.  Although I do understand the point of view.  From what I hear, you aren’t really allowed to disagree with the government in China, so you’d be expected to follow along with what they say and be insulted.  I should also say, I think the United States spends far too much time sticking their noses in other countries’ business when they have so many of their own problems at home.

  • richard wills

       The “reason” the Notre Dame conglomerate uses Vietnamese child labor instead of Chinese child labor is the religion.  The catholic church in Vietnam has more freedom to act on it’s own (profitable) behalf then the regime in China will permit.  The gorilla in the room everyone is too timid to face, is that the Vietnam War was a four-way religious/tribal civil war between the catholic & protestant cults versus the buddhist cults versus the confucian cults versus the provincial/ethnic nativist cults such as the Hmong, the Hao Hao, the Cao Dai, etc..

         It was the complaints of the missionaries that would drag the United States into this morass and prove that old shibboleth “Political rule # one: whatever you thought you were going to accomplish will have the consequence of causing the opposite of your original intent!”

         As our involvement in this civil war would would strengthen and inflate the influence and power of the communist insurgency.  Eventually propelling them to victory.

         And for all those who whine about why Asian nations are so hardline about new religious infiltration, you need to study their history.  All the misery and horrors inflicted on these countries by religious fanatics has left them super-sensitive about any repetition.

  • Anthony van Dyck

    Li Anne, it’s nice that YOU know how to pronounce the name of the school.  The Taiwanese announcers are mixing it up with the cathedral in Paris, it seems.

  • Max

    Well it is pretty obvious why they boycott. But I guess all you dumb domers
    Need a map

  • James L. Goode


  • James L. Goode


  • bb

     You dont state the reason why they do not buy merchandise from China and assume they intend to insult a country

  • Punk Options

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    • Martin