Nintendo bets on Wii U to reverse profit slide

Mama Mia, Mario! Nintendo is competing with the Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Angry Birds and its earnings are down!

The Wii used to be the hottest game system in town, but Nintendo’s new 3DS has not been such a hit. Recently, the 3DS dropped in price from $250 to $169, cutting into Nintendo’s profits. Even worse, there have been reports that the 3D game system makes gamers dizzy and nauseous. Not fun times.

The company has been in slumps before. The Gamecube was ridiculed for being a kid’s game system before the company turned it around with the Wii. Now Nintendo is resting its hopes on the Wii U controller, which looks like a tablet. But by the time the Wii U comes out, will tablets still be cutting-edge?