NFL lockout could mean disaster for 2011 season

The NFL is currently embroiled in a players’ lockout. Many are beginning to worry there won’t be a 2011 season.

Players have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL and its owners, who initiated the lockout after talks over a new collective bargaining agreement broke down.

A number of people sided with the players via a player-endorsed petition to the league, but many other fans aren’t as quick to sympathize with a bunch of millionaires.

Though they don’t need the money, players might take second careers to keep busy if the lockout lasts into the new season. Hines Ward is already competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

The lockout stands to affect more than players and fans. Sales of chicken wings are closely-tied to the football season and could drop disastrously, industry insiders say.

However, the lockout is a boon for us here at NMA. Chances are athletes will be getting into even more trouble now that there’s no football to be played.

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