Narcoleptic pupil sues university

A narcoleptic UK woman who often slept through college classes is suing her former school for not providing her with enough assistance in her studies.

The University of Salford supplied Shelley Maxwell with notes for missed lessons and offered to pay for her to repeat a course, but she felt it wasn’t enough.

Maxwell complained to a review board, which awarded her £2,500 for her troubles and pledged to review its policies on academic assistance. But still, she wasn’t satisfied.

Maxwell wants the school to fork over £34,000 in restitution and admit she was discriminated against due to her disability. An appeals court is waiting to rule on the matter.

Does Maxwell have a case, or is she giving the disabled a bad name?


  • richard wills

    Many years ago, I before there was any medical assistance available for sleeping disorders.
    Except either amphetamines or copious quantities of caffeine.
    I realized that I had a problem and had to stop driving as I was a menace to others and myself!

    I know! I know! Very Un-American of me!  How dare I do the sensible thing and act responsibly
    as a member of the society I live in.  Very, very Un-American of me!  A true, blue American
    inflicts their infantile, narcissist egotism on everybody around them.

    My opinion has been, If I know that I have a problem, I need to own it and figure out how
    I am are going to work my way around it.

  • Martin

    Yes, she does have a case but she may be going to far by claiming discrimination.  She has to prove that the teachers let her sleep in class because they were aware of her disability.  That won’t work for her: teachers either tolerate students sleeping in class or they don’t.  If a student tells a teacher that they have a medical problem then the teacher is supposed to tell them to go see a doctor.  It’s the same if she had said she was having headaches and that’s why she wasn’t paying attention in class: until a doctor can confirm that she has a medical problem she is just another slacker.

    • Martin

      *too far