Murdoch pulls the plug on News of the World (NOTW)

The NOTW is England’s best selling Sunday paper. It is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News International Group, run by his protégé, Rebekah Brooks and his son, James Murdoch.

In 2006 it was revealed NOTW journalists had hacked royals’ and celebs’ voicemails. Now it’s emerged they also hacked those of murder victims and dead soldiers’ families.

For years its execs’ cosy relationship with the political elite kept it out of trouble. But that may change now it has also admitted paying off the police.

Disgusted by the latest hacking revelations, many are clamoring for Brooks’ resignation.

Murdoch, however, chose to shutter NOTW but keep Brooks. Will it be enough to sate the growing blood lust and save Murdoch’s planned buyout of BskyB?


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  • Alice

    Murdoch with a shark fin, and the air battle haha.  Leave it to NMA to help us laugh in the face of terrible crimes

  • richard wills

    It is amusing to watch the thieves fall out.

    The sanctimonious right-wing media have no loyalty above
    their paychecks.  What a shock it must be for these goofs to
    find themselves vulnerable to their masters.

    When it is convenient, the top predators will sacrifice their
    toadying minions without a moments hesitation.