MTA fare hike hits New Yorkers

Riding the subway in New York can be a frustrating experience. Decades of mismanagement have left the subway system in a chronic state of disrepair.

Encounters with perverts and sociopaths are not uncommon. The stress can make even ordinary straphangers behave like barbarians.

The organization is in crisis, with billions of dollars in debt and mountains of interest payments. Albany has cut subsidies, forcing riders to pick up the slack.

Guest starring PIX11′s Greg Mocker as Commuter.

mta grab final MTA fare hike hits New Yorkers (Next Media Animation TV)

  • Rosa parks

    New york is going to shits I don’t understand how they raise the fare and they’re laying off people and cutting off unemployment how are people suppose to survive

  • Mocker

    Great job

    But Who’s the guy with the big metro card?