Los Angeles braces for Carmageddon

Los Angeles is set for chaos this weekend as a busy stretch of Highway 405 is getting widened. The event could displace as many as 500,000 motorists.

It’s such a serious event it’s been dubbed Carmageddon.

Celebs with big twitter followings have been asked to help get the word out and minimize confusion. Jet blue is offering a cure for Carmageddon that is as convenient as it is planet-unfriendly: $4 tickets from Burbank to Long Beach.

Carmageddon will only last for the weekend. But even after the 405 reopens, Angelinos might still find bad traffic a fact of life.


  • Alice

    I used to play a game called carmageddon, it was quite fun

  • http://profiles.google.com/rrwillsj richard wills

      I remember that before the 1984 Olympic Games in LA, there was the same panicmongering.

    Every one was so frighten of that looming disaster, that it was consider very remarkable how
    empty the freeways were at the beginning of the events.

    My guess is, the present efforts made to inform the public will have the same result.