Lady Gaga sued over tsunami charity fund

Lady Gaga has been accused of stealing from her own Japanese tsunami charity in a class action lawsuit filed last week.

The suit claims Gaga secretly pocketed a portion of the proceeds from charity wristbands, which she sells in her online store.

She and others allegedly pilfered more money by inflating shipping fees and collecting bogus taxes on the bracelets.

Some are questioning the integrity of the charges. Suit filers 1-800-Law-Firm publicized the claims via a YouTube video, which has since been removed.

Has Gaga been wrongly accused, or is she really taking advantage of her fans? Tell us what you think.


  • richard wills

      What I think, is that I have not seen any evidence for or against Lady Gaga.

    What has been presented, smacks of another fake controversy.  Driven by the
    media gluttons, perpetually hungering for new headlines.

    From what little i do know of Lady Gaga, I have doubts that she would involve
    herself in such a sordid scandal.

    If it does transpire that there has been corruption (name an institution that
    hasn’t had it’s scandals) I suspect it will turn out to involve employees taking
    advantage of their positions controlling the flow of donations.

  • Alice

    Better than 1-900-lawyers I guess.  But yeah, that’s why if you’re going to donate money towards natural disaster relief, you should send it straight to Red Cross.