Did Keith Olbermann jump or was he pushed?

MSNBC superstar Keith Olbermann has called it quits after he and the cable news channel could not come to terms over his new contract.

Olbermann was the key on air personality in MSNBC’s rise from the ratings basement to become the No. 2 cable news network with his ultra-liberal views rallying the American left desperate for a channel to rival FOX. General Electric, owners of MSNBC, loved the money and political clout with Democrats that Olberman brought as he bashed Republicans.

Olbermann had long complained that MSNBC was not paying him his worth, and nowhere near what FOX paid its stars. Olbermann also knew he would find no increased pay from the notoriously low-cost Comcast, who many on the left suspect of being more focused on the bottom line and more friendly to Republicans.

Many options exist for Olbermann and he has time to decide. He could help CNN with its prime-time programming. Some are even speculating Olbermann could run for office in 2012.

Others think Olbermann may join the ranks of late night shows, and bring his proven record of ratings wins with him. But others suspect he may have other less glamorous career options ahead.

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  • marsha maxwell

    I will really miss Keith Olbermann. He is a great journalist and a creative genius, much in the tradition of Rod Serling. Thank you for your wit and incredible insight, and for standing up and caring for the average person. Good luck in the future, and I hope to see you on TV asap!! Love, Marsha and Bob Maxwell

  • Marion Everett

    Countdown,with Keith Olberman, was political news, presented
    factual, and truthful,and often, spiced with humor. Mr. Olberman, is
    an intellegent, knowledgeble reporter, who remembered that who
    what, why where and when, were the tools, that should be used, by a
    jounalist. His opinions, were also truthful and honest. These are
    the characteristics, of a liberal. I shall miss him