Kate Middleton pregnant!?!?

Kate Middleton is pregnant! Her pregnancy was officially announced earlier this week after acute morning sickness sent her to the hospital. We send our warmest congratulations to Prince William’s willy.

Prince William of Wales and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge originally planned to make the pregnancy announcement around Christmas time, but a trip to the hospital pushed that date up to Monday afternoon.

Kate’s acute morning sickness, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, is often linked to an increase in the possibility of twins. Can the Brits handle news that exciting? Whether Kate and Will have twins or not, their child will be third in line as heir to the throne (if it is twins, then the throne would go to the first born or male). Wonder what Harry thinks of losing his spot…

Reporters are speculating that the Duchess is under 12 weeks pregnant, closer to 8 weeks. This means the child was conceived sometime in late October (William, you fox!). So if the Royal wedding was the most-watched wedding in history, does this mean the Royal birth will be the most watched birth in history? Ewwww, probably not! The media will probably over cover the pregnancy until nobody on the face of the earth cares anymore.

Do you think it’s twins? Let us know below!