Justin Bieber officially has no soul, leaves grandpa in a bind

Justin Bieber’s grandfather, George Bieber, is going public about what a little brat his grandson is. Anybody shocked?

According to Bieber’s paternal grandfather, he has not seen his multimillionaire grandson in years. While Justin Bieber is making a fool of himself and growing richer as he does it, George Bieber is living in near poverty and struggling with his ailing health.

Captions too fast? Get the translation here:

Introducing Justin Bieber, the “World’s Worst Grandson”. Meet George Bieber, the paternal grandfather of Justin Bieber.

While Justin Bieber is out making cheddar, George is living in poverty and squalor. According to the ailing elder Bieber, he hasn’t seen Justin in years. The only much-needed financial help they’ve received from Justin was a TV and a little bit of Christmas money.

George, who describes the star as “too big for his britches,” is currently on disability and supported by his wife, who works an agonizing factory job.

Hey Biebs, can’t you take a little bit off time from offending the Jewish community and being an all around D-bag to help your family out?

Should Bieber feel obligated to help his grandparents? Let us know in the comments.