Japan sumo wrestling to resume after scandal

Called ‘The Emperor’s Sport,’ the art of Sumo is supposed to embody the Japanese spirit. It’s a 1,000-year-old tradition that remains popular to this day.

However, earlier this year, a match-fixing scandal rocked the Sumo world. Wrestlers were caught using text messages to fix matches. As a result, the spring tournament was cancelled.

One disgusted veteran manager said sumo without honor is just “pigs colliding”. 25 wrestlers and managers were found guilty of match fixing and kicked out of the sport for life.

This was not the first time that Sumo has been sullied. In past scandals, wrestlers were caught using marijuana or betting on baseball.

Normal competition will resume in July. Maybe some changes are needed to bring this ancient sport into the modern era.

Pop quiz: does anyone know how Sumo wrestlers train?

Have you noticed that we upgraded to HD? Here’s the Chinese:

  • http://profiles.google.com/rrwillsj richard wills

    Sumo wrestling is more correctly to be thought of as a religious ceremony.

    Originally, under the Etruscan’s and the early Latins they civilized, the gladiator
    displays were part of funeral rites.  Eventually to be corrupted into political
    tool to entertain & manipulate the mob.  Like the Tea Party today.

    Sorry we barbarians have yet again managed to corrupt another ancient
    custom into mindless, sporting drivel.

  • Pigbang

    Stop insulting the pigs! When they collide, they mean to crash each others’ brains out! That brutality comes from an honest place in their pig hearts. In contrast, the cheating sumo wrestlers have no sense of honor or integrity.