Hu Jintao jets into Washington

Chinese President Hu Jintao is visiting Washington D.C. this week to meet with Barack Obama and talk about trade deficits, the yuan and North Korea. Watch as Hu flies in on China’s new stealth jet and literally raises hell.

Watch Hu Jintao and Barack Obama’s previous encounter here at

Watch Hu Jintao’s second day in Washington.

What’s your take on the US’ relationship with China? Leave a comment.

Hu Jintao 300x161 Hu Jintao jets into Washington (Next Media Animation TV)

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  • Dgf999

    It’s ok… The next election will bring in a Conservative President that the neolibs, neocons and Chicoms will hate. :) . Then we’ll reverse the socialist garbage being forced upon us.

  • Artrell

    QjniK9 Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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  • you are all idiots

    it is the stockholders of american companies that are who you should blame. you are just a worker bee in your capitalistic country. the 95% of you who don’t own CONTROLLING STOCKS have no say in what is bought, made in america or outside of america… but these companies still but their products from overseas, not just china, and sell it to the dumb fucks of america and they blame the chinese? fucking retards you shit bags. seriously, you all make me inexplicably sick to the stomach when i see on the news the twisted perspectives you all share.

    do the world a favor and just kill yourselves already.

  • Chase

    Wow we fucking Americans need to get off our high horse , let’s admit it Asian country outdid us in the last decades not just China but look at Japanese and Korean cars flooding the US market. How many products is truly 100% made in USA anymore? Shit I bet not many.

    Our mentallity is what got us kill, get off our high horse and stop acting like we the shit everywhere we go.

    We need to change our thinking and show the world who’s the boss.

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  • River

    Very well done! You guys are spot on funny and deadly accurate with your satirical barbs! You make me laugh every time I come to this site. Just this afternoon I went to WalMart to look for a hat, and they are – in fact – all made in China!

  • C.

    C’mon people… this really surprising?? The US has been kissin’ the butts of China for years so, this happening wouldn’t be a shock to me. Thanks to the greed in America and sending so much of our business over there, we’re making them a financial super power and that’s exactly what they want! Top that with irresponsible spending in our government, that borrows way too much money from other countries, and it not only puts the US in a bad position, it makes our country vulnerable and certainly more reliant. It’s not rocket science, and it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a reality unless we start keeping our business in this country, and put a lid on spending and borrowing. Scary stuff!

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  • navajo

    This is funny.
    Poor usa.
    Go China!

  • blueridge

    Comedians have making money for years pointing out the obvious. It’s obvious that the US needs to give a whole lot more to China if we expect them to continue to fund the run-away spending in DC.

    Funny clip but so sad for America.

  • sold to china for bribes

    while obama is rightfully being made fun of for honoring a pack of communists who actively overran states and attacked their own people,

    ITS ALSO THE OBAMA/CLINTON NEOLIBS AND BUSH/BUSH II NEOCONS who could not wait to sell the entire usa economy TO CHINA in exchange for PAC kickbacks and DNC/RNC donations to these corrupt scum.

    The Chinese are no strangers to the corporate Dems or Repubs.. they are their long time business partners.

  • http://Google D.L. Bloom

    We’re fucked>

  • http://Google D.L. Bloom

    We’re fucked!

  • Robie

    Dear Americans;
    You wanted big money for idiot jobs, cheap goods and fatty foods, and you got them all. Now, you have to pay the piper. You are a nation of morbidly obese cheeseburger eaters who shop at Walmart (sending US jobs to China) and fly ever larger US flags from every building trying to bring back memories of better times. You owe more than you are worth and cannot pay your monthly expenses. That means you are bankrupt and insolvent. You now work for China.
    When you learn to stay in school, eat less, stop buying bottled water, chips and sodas and start working harder for less money, you will have a chance. Oh yes… when you no longer rank second last in the world on childish belief in monotheistic religion and creation… you might yet see the light. Until then, Stupid is as Stupid does.

    A neighbour.

  • Abe

    This is more about the country then about Obama. We did this to ourselves and there is no one to blame but the person in the mirror. The majority is more concerned with reality tv and whats for dinner then what is actually happening. The only reason it is still about right and left is because we still aren’t ready to assume blame for all this and get our house in order. As long as this team mentality nonsense continues we will continue to fall. Eliminate political parties within the government, hold televised national debates on top issues like Keynesian vs Austrian economics then go with the best solution.

  • Jimbo

    Great satire!

    China is a third world country and will be for a long, long time.

  • Robert M. Harris

    How is this disrespectful? This is how the rest of the world sees Obama and the United States. Something to really be proud of. Thanks Obama lovers!

  • We are broke

    Look at this thread. I realize that this thread is duplicated countless times daily on multiple sites, but come on. Enough with the “Right/Left” garbage. There is plenty of blame to go around. No one’s hands are clean in this ordeal…not the dems, the republicans, the rich or even the poor. You can make a strong argument that the middle class is most to blame for our current economic by state by not mandating true fiscal responsibility from our leadership.

    It’s time that we start dealing with facts. You can’t borrow money to eliminate debt. It’s common sense (just look at your own finances for proof), yet continue to do so at such a rate that even a 100% in personal income tax rate could not pay off out country’s current debt (let alone the hundreds of billions are states on the books for).

    Yes, China has already won. They are the largest holder of our debt and not by a small margin. As they continue to divest themselves of this debt, it devalues the dollar even further. Couple this with a push by China and Russia to end the US dollars reign as the worlds reserve currency and you have some serious Weimar Republic flavor issues. What will happen when true, rampant stagflation takes hold?

    Our only hope is to swallow the bitter pill in front of us. Drastically cut governmental spending (even at the cost of social welfare programs), end the hostile stance towards free enterprise, and last but not least make full use of our oil reserves. The time has come where we must pay the piper, withdrawal from the world stage and refashion ourselves back into a nation if producers. The only other logical choice will be to push for and join a united Americas or world government.

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  • Steve Augello

    I think personally when he admitted to dabbling in coke he might have had a mini stroke.

  • Steve Augello

    I don’t comment on the mentally challenged…….I used to give to Sally Joy Brown.

  • Frank

    Mister Charley, Fake Phd (you’re black, right?),
    You’re going to REALLY not like it when you are a slave for China.

  • stumpCHUNKMAN

    It’s somewhat misleading as Hu wouldn’t be putting the first picture of Mao on the wall in the Oval Office. He might be adding a second one somewhere, but….

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  • drudgeNEVERmisleadsEVER!!!

    These Taiwanese videos always crack me up, and like all satire, there is a bit of truth to them.

  • wantbushback

    COMMUNEST! i wan bush back who with me? comone on! bowing is weak like jseus wouldn’t right? total weak and pathetic like japs we killed so good back in korea war! STUPID NAZI IDIOT COMMIE! like GLENN says we gotta take it all back!!!!

  • bvdon

    households with flush apparatus 20.7% (50.0%, 4.3%)
    with pit latrines 69.3% (33.6%, 86.7%
    with no latrine 5.3% (7.8%, 4.1%)

  • bvdon

    Average per capita disposable income by quintile: Y 9,061 [U.S.$1,095]

    first quintile: Y 3,285
    second quintile: Y 5,377
    third quintile: Y 7,279
    fourth quintile: Y 9,763
    fifth quintile: Y 17,431

  • IHadGaySexWithMattDrudge

    Do they sell invisible planes at Walmart?

  • bvdon

    Most Chinese people are poor and live in poverty rarely seen in America. If that’s what the world is looking to as a financial model, then we are all in serious trouble — it’s a race to the bottom with only a few at the top reaping the rewards.

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  • bob

    China bought us $1 @ a time through their cheap imitations of US overpriced products. When Sam Walton was alive we would see signs hanging in Wal-Mart this many jobs saved here and there. After he died they could not wait to rip the signs down and buy everything they could from the lowest bidder….China. I hate we Americans fight over stupid stuff. China is taking all our debt and waiting for the time to cash it in and get some of our land in return…I say give them California now so the biggest state with the biggest problems goes to someone else who has the guts to change it.

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  • Chisco3

    Wel, if obama doesn’t want to be seen as Hu Jintao’s subordinate, then maybe he should act like he ISN’T…..

    The bowing MAKES him look like “second-rate”!!

  • Jim

    Great video! The truth does hurt.

    • IHadGaySexWithMattDrudge

      But I thought your ignorance was bliss?

  • Mike Chopapa

    Ain’t comeuppance a bitch?

    • IHadGaySexWithMattDrudge

      Wanna hook up for some sword-fighting? I’m a cuddly bear who wants to FUX the shit out of you big boy!!!!1 I’ll even wax my ‘Boehner’ for you if you want. P.S. Remain silent if you are fapping…

  • Jones

    Childish video.

  • Captain Obvious

    Our REAL enemy resides in Washington DC. (and it isn’t just Obama, but all of the China sell-outs of the last 20 years).

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  • Thomas Jefferson

    America, the truth hurts. The China phoenix has risen and American can’t leave behind its core principles in pursuit of friendship & economic development. We shall engage China while not selling out the entire country. The world sandbox is big enough to accommodate a strong U.S. and a competitive China. If we don’t reignite U.S. research and development and stop the brain drain to Asia, the reality depicted in this cartoon will soon become a reality.

  • psadie

    There was a time when China could not keep a satellite in the sky but thanks to Bill Clinton, who gave the OK to Loral, they helped the Chinese with their space program. Now look where we are bowing and kowtowing to the Chinese. Thanks to trade agreements and the unions, companies went overseas and the Chinese actually bought whole companies and their equipment in the USA lock, stock and barrel. When in the hell are we going to wake up? When they use the stealth bomber on us? Another sneak attack like Japan? OMG, I hope that someone is watching those skies because I do not trust them one bit and I no longer buy “Made in China.” Donald Trump is right about the Chinese laughing at us and how. We are complete fools, thanks to our Congress.

  • Irish2dabone

    Deja vu… I suggest you all read Bill Gertz’s early ’80s book entitled “The China Threat”. Bill is a former CIA Agent.

    Having read the book at that time people thought he was, well… Let’s say, out of touch. I wonder what they would say today. His book was not a Tom Clancy- like novel, but instead a rocking historical account on Chmn. Mao’s views towards the US & his quest to bury us without firing a shot… With Bill’s insight he created a roadmap of how China was going to accomplish their quest.

    So I say read the book… then, revisit your views of today’s world.

  • nordeastmike

    I’m still wondering what they call Chinese food in China.

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  • mike

    Hella funny.

  • c. moak

    After a clear understanding of the depths of our present dilema, let us set our faces to resolve the problem. The people of this country can do so if we embrace again American exceptionalism in our undertakings. Understand Obama’s political philosophy: educated at Harvard by ne’er do well, self declared communist professors (see recent World Mag interview of Ted Cruz Harvard Law graduate explaining the environment at this institution.); Obama chose to attend, be baptized, etc. in a Marxist steeped church led by Marxist, Black Liberation Theology minister, Jeremiah Wright; the choice of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn as mentors in his run for the Illinois Senate and close associations with radicals like “Code Pink” Jodie Evans who are aligned with America’s most prominent enemies including Osama bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Hamas and Saddam Hussein; the choice of Jim Wallis as spiritual advisor, a member of radical Students for a Democratic Society while at Michigan State and other revolutionary forces; Obama’s placement of Michael Klonsky on his official campaign website with his former membership in the pro-Communist SDS and leadership position in the New Communist movement who Andy Macarthy wrote in 2008 has, as his current mission, to spread Marxist ideology in the American classroom; who, in Obama’s book Dreams from My Father refers to Davis as Frank, the admitted Marxist who belonged to the Communist Party USA with his special assignment in Hawaii. More troubling is that Obama taught many classes in Alinsky’s methodology from his revolutionary work, Rules For Radicals; A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals which teaches the nationalization, piece by piece of industries within the economy. So, if an industry has difficulty financially, federalize it. Privately owned banks, insurance companies, newspapers, magazines. Socialize the whole country slowly but surely rather than by a one-shot Boshevik revolution.
    History has shown that the system of communism results in great failure and not just economic; the arrogance of our liberal leaders is that they think they can do it right. Without the 100,000,000 murders (that’s one hundred million murders in Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Vietnam, etcetera, ad nauseum). Those who agree are either ignorant or evil or both.

  • SarahHirz

    Spot on. We deserve it. It’s the truth.

  • Elliot

    I can’t say I understand all the ins and outs of what’s going on our country financially. I can look at the fruit of our president’s “labor” and see that our country has suffered greatly since he has taken office. It’s sad to me that so many attack eachother based on political stance. I wish every country in this world prospered. It’s sad to watch our president blow with whatever wind is blowing hardest at the moment. He went to Egypt and claimed to be a muslim then came back to the states and claimed to be a christian. He bows to world leaders that do not really deserve to be bowed to. America is just another nation on this planet and it’s sad to see it dying. It’s obvious other nations mock our instability and it all reflects on our current leadership. We were a nation founded by men with backbone and a belief in God as the head. Any leader that does not walk humbly before God will fail. Our president does not listen to the people of this country nor does he respect our constitution. He is a terrible leader and the fact that he is our president says something about the minds of those that were able to get him elected. Look at the morality of leaders in the past 20 years and the morality of our coutry as a whole. We’ve been distracted by things that hold no value while our country declines and our laws become unlawful. Russia and China will be major players in the last days according to God’s Word. We’re getting closer to those times folks. May God bless our country with a strong, corageous leader soon. Another thing that baffles me is why nobody will call a spade a spade when it comes to the muslim religion. We’re not at war with terrorists. We’re at war with muslims that obey their prophet Mohammed in killing infidels. It’s amazing how many are raising mosques around our country. I don’t hate muslim people because Jesus died for them as He did for us all, but they’re mixed up in religious lie. May God have mercy on the souls of those who have slaughtered innocents and commited suicide in the name of Allah.

    Inexperienced people die because they reject wisdom. Stupid people are destroyed by their own lack of concern. Proverbs 1:32

    Adios Amigos!! Bash my comment as you will, I’ll not complain. :)

  • Richie Rich

    Ready for an eye-opener, folks?

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  • Mai Kesheng Bob

    Take this for what it is: humor. It is kind of sad that we’ve fallen quite a ways financially in the last 10 years. But a terrorist attack, 2 wars and 2 recessions will do that. We need to cut our deficit back to the modest levels of the GWB and Reagan years.
    Great animation in the video – pretty funny!
    By the way, the media is calling him “Pres. Hu” he may be President, but he’s also party chairman, I’m sure. Should be “Chairman Hu.”

    • Captain Obvious

      It wasn’t a terrorist attack and two wars, it was several sell-out Presidents. Obama is an obvious traitor, but it goes back farther than two years. Remember “China-gate”, when Algore took $10M in illegal campaign contributions? That money wan’t a gift…

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  • dr evil

    Ha Ha Obama We say in Chinese you one dum f-ck ha ha

  • AuntieTaqiyya

    Graffiti from the Lincoln Bedroom headboard: “Honest Abe was here first”; “Marilyn & Jack”; “Clinton Booty Count–18″; “Hello! (Some Guy Who Paid To Stay Here”); and “Obama hearts Hu”! Epic political and cultural satire. The Red Dragon will have to get used to this…

  • RobertB

    Good video
    Taiwan’s been a little edgy since Nixon got them booted out of the UN so China could have their seat…

  • kevin

    Please El-president-ah…just a little Spanglish humor ha ha Don’t Sign over Alaska for all that oil.that’s what he wants…

  • http://DrudgeReport Bill Gibbons

    Bow to the dictator…send the Dalai Lama out with the trash

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  • Stealth Plane

    yep thats about right. love Taiwanese news animations!

  • AuntieTaqiyya

    Uh oh…did Hu throw his Stealth Jet keys to Obama-the-obsequious-Valet? Too hilarious! All racial and cultural stereotypes are deftly employed by the snarky Taiwanese. This is GOLD!

  • Dennis Starr

    To an old “cold war” warrior this is unbelievable–Khrushchev said “we (communism) will bury you without ever firing a shot.”–Now the dollar is swiftly being devalued as we print more and more money to pay our staggering debt and Red China is riding high–It’s not going to be a pretty ending. The socialist in this country are finally getting it their way. I don’t believe they’re gonna like it. Good luck.

  • Yeswecanshit

    He is a shame. He continues to bow to others like he really feels he is too small! Perhaps he has a sickness such as… shall we call it Bowomania?

  • bill clinton

    That fucking coon is destroying America

  • kevin

    Why does he bow Too the Saudi King, The Chinese President.Please Mr Mao-Obama you are the world leader stop it please this is a sign of weakness.what next bowing to the Burger King.

  • Dean

    Unchangeable Truth: Any nation that goes against Israel, in the end, will reap the whirlwind and degeneration. It is written and nothing will change it. The only inconsistency at this time, is that there are some who still do not eiter know it or believe it. All the talk and results about poor economics, national division, un-employment, etc. are only the results of our nation turning on Israel. As a result, we will continue to degenerate unless we change. When England turned on the Jews in 1948 by blockading their immigration to the land of Israel, they began their loss of prior world influence and it has continued ever since. Now, we too, have begun our fall for the same reason. Again, It Is Written!

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  • Sammy

    BTW, this is a pretty funny parody on many fronts… I like it!

  • SSI01

    This is PRICELESS! So much said in so little time.

  • nickatdabeach

    China should be our friend. China has existed for more than 5,000 years. China has taken the U.S. economic system, played by the rules basically & turned us inside out, and only the lazy politicians in Congress & the White House are to blame. Regarding China military buildup, look at the facts: they have Russia along its northern border and the U.S. has a heavy military presence on China’s western front via Afghanistan & Pakistan, and the U.S. has demonstrated it has no problem to invade country after country so why should we expect China’s military not to prepare for the worst. I believe China builds its military for defensive purposes under the circumstances but the Global Elite & New World Order types will twist it around thanks to a compliant media. I’ve been to China. They are ruthless capitalists by & large, Communists maintain only a toehold at best and China will teach U.S. business how it’s really done. Human rights? Ha!! I don’t think the U.S. has any room to criticize. My comments are those of a patriotic American and U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Simply, Washington doesn’t work anymore, hasn’t since the 1960s.. China is reaping the profits from our irresponsible State & Federal officials but just as importantly, the fatcat bureaucrats who are & have been entrenched in our Federal agencies who hide in the shadows.. White House and Congressional occupants may change but bureaucrats rarely do. Many, many hidden agendas in that group. As I stated in the beginning.. China should be our friend, and business partner, but the current trend isn’t encouraging.

    • William Hopper

      Face it, folks, China is ascendant. Thier economy and renewed military are going to be huge for a long while to come. You may not like this, but it’s the truth. As such, America has to be a bit more respectful than they might otherwise want to be.
      As to the bowing bit… anyone here mention that the oresident of China also bows to the American President? It’s a cultural ‘hello’. What you need to watch for in the Chinese culture is the depth of the bow. It is only submissive if you bow far lower than the person you meet. However, when two men like Obama and Hu meet, it is expected that both will bow politely to each other. It is normal protocol. Kind of like when Bush kissed King Saud.
      “Protocol”. Look it up.

    • Sammy

      China “should be” our friend just like Russia but don’t count on it. Countries like Russia and China are not interested in being friends beyond what they can get out of the relationship. China and Russia aren’t interested in the U.S.’s well being so don’t be fooled for a moment. What we need to get used to is the idea that China, like Russia will expand their sphere of influence until either the U.S. or some other nation(s) stop them.

  • JLin

    After the state dinner I hear Hu ask BO to get him some decaf. How disrespectful.

  • Al B

    This is so funny and true. I laughed so hard.

  • Don

    Now that is fucking funny!!!!!!

  • JLin

    The Taiwanese have a great sense of humor and a great sense for political satire. Well done. I especially liked seeing Hu flipping BO the keys to the stealth jet.

  • Rocco

    One error I saw in the video: BO had already changed the picture of Washington to Mao long ago.

  • Tang Szn

    Obama give me GM, me take you jobs. Hirrory Crinton give me you money and nice hand job.

  • Joe Astroturf

    The chinese should be glad about how many old people will die with Obamacare. It’ll be easier to take us over. We also have a few commie czars left to help them out. It’s in the song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse how easy it was for us to fall.

    Baucus is threatening insurance companies Obama the CBO
    Medicare Advantage and free speech is about to go
    He’d rather see people in our forts , planes and La liberty building die
    then to see a muslim terrorist get water in his eye
    All the insane and pervert czars and the communist ones too
    are surprised how easily they took us without even a coup

    Hey guys if you fought at the Khe San
    when they stop giving your wife her meds and her last breath comes over her face
    you’ll find comfort knowing some illegal or Gitmo detainee will gladly take her place.

  • Smitty77

    To the uniformed Americans who hate to see an American “bow” to a foreigner, it is only a recognition of the customs of that country akin to our shaking hands. If I went to the Orient and met someone, I would do as they do – maybe it’s like the Howie Mandell knuckle bump and no germs are transferred. For heavens sake, he is not kissing their asses – get informed about what happens outside your own borders!!

    • Not Myprez

      If ANY “foreigner” is a dictator, slave owner, communist, muslim, or one who threatens America, I don’t want to be “informed” about their “culture”…..for heavens sake….

    • Sammy

      Why? Seriously, if the U.S. were more concerned about what goes on within its own borders I submit we would have much fewer problems than we do today. For example, why are we still paying for France, Germany and essentially the E.U.’s military defense? The E.U. recently announced that its GNP exceed that of the U.S. so isn’t it about time we make them start paying their own way? Further, why is it the U.S. is always the country that should make trade concessions to other nations when our economy and GNP have been tanking for decades? I say the hell with the rest of the world, let’s take care of the good old U.S.A. for a change mmmmkay?

  • Not Myprez

    The “affirmative action” prez obama is a wannabe muslim dictator, so he takes care to bow and scrape before slaveholders like hu and king abdullah as well as communist like chavaz & castro – I believe obama’s heartfelt desire is to order everyone in America and the world how to live…

  • NOBAMA 2012

    TRUTH HURTS…pretty accurate video…

    Only two more years before we evict the Marxist-Muslim Buffoon from the Oval Office.

    NOBAMA 2012

  • tewk

    Americans have to go outside our borders to get the truth anymore. Sadly, this cartoon is far more accurate then most realize.

  • http://facebook Doree10

    Can’t help but think back to when Bill&Hill were running the show. How many Chinese contributors to thier campaign war chest. Seems like we sold or gave the Chinese anything they wanted. Even technology to guide thier missles. Probably all pointed at us now. Oh surely not!!!

    • JLin

      They got the tech to build their carrier killer missile from us because the marxist collaborators inside the government gave it to them. Thanks to all the Vichy federal government workers. Here’s hoping we can defund large sectors of this corrupt government come 2012.


    BARRY SEZ, “I tell ya I get NO respect.”

  • C Williams

    Absolutely hillarious and true.

  • xerakis

    all too true, nobama is such a socialist piece of weak garbage….as for china and all those stinking lousy chinks they got nothing but numbers and those can be wiped out with nuclear weapons… low end mud people is all….


    HILARIOUS! I LOVE when they show these on RED EYE on FOX.

  • Mojo

    …and I scratch my head at how Americans could be perceived as obnoxious, uneducated and ignorant…?

    • Not Myprez

      Yeah, no kidding, especially when chinese slaves are perceived, by lib-tards, as well educated and pliable.

  • Mark

    LOL.. This is great. Obama is simply a waste of a human being. A worthless, worthless man. He gets no respect, because he warrants no respect. He is a typical boot lip…just in it for himself, and what ever can be handed to him.

  • js

    this is the fault of the liberal socialist progressive marxists that have been eating away at our rights and respect since the 60s…if you can think…start with stuff like the weatherunderground..and the communist party of the USA

  • JT

    Drudge readers were here. Lol. Such predictable comments.

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  • Virginia

    This is hilarious. Now I understand why American animation is all done in Asia (yep kids – The Simpsons and others sends their animation overseas). Get these guys a job on Southpark (That one is done here) imagine Kenny and Butter being able to actually move.

    Also agree with Bla Bla… China holds more U.S. debt than any other country in the world. They are obviously suckers. That is going to be a bomb that makes what we dropped on Japan look mild. Watch out China… they don’t call us The Great Satan for nothing.

  • AuntieTaqiyya

    Ridicule IS the best offense! This mock-u-toon is worthy of an Oscar! It’s soooo refreshing to guffaw while sacred cows tip (couldn’t resist THAT cultural reference) from their shaky, ephemeral pedestals! And in THIS Toon, we get a twofer!

  • Jason L.

    That was a riot. This is what happens when we get a president that flies around the world bowing to everyone and begging forgiveness for America’s greatness…

    Hopefully we can all agree now that it’s better to have a cowboy in office than a community organizer… The dictators of the world used to live in fear, now their making plans to take over the world.

    Let’s hope we can hold out ’till 2012!

  • gneubeck

    After Barack Obama, the guy who can’t find his way thru an open gate with an umbrella, again bows and then reads his prepared text to the Chinese President, Hu Jintao; and, Hu then instructs his subservient Obama on the “What-When -and- Where”, what comes next? Obama has already pledged the forfeiture of our right to defend America against ballistic missiles to Russia as an appeasement to Vladimir Putin. Will he now make major concessions in our defense posture in the Pacific theater as an appeasement to Hu! Hu most certainly will capitalize on the legendary weakness/ineptitude of Obama to the advantage of an evolving Chinese hegemony in Asia. The damage being precipitated on America’s global posture by our ‘Community Organizer’ is profound. Greg Neubeck

  • Bla Bla

    BLA BLA BLA – I’ve heard it all before, when Japan was going to buy America, how we were in decline. Sure, we miss stepped with OBAMA, but don’t bet against US in the long run.

  • Steve

    Very funny and very true

  • Brian

    Interesting how Hu is made to look two inches taller than Obama.

  • GS

    Is it possible for a President to single handedly surrender the US to another country or is it something that has to be approved through Congress? I’m only %50 joking.

    • http://MMA.TV J Rich

      O-bama is bowing down to the Chinese because they have used all the missile technology, and now we find out the technology for building a stealth fighter, that the previous traitor Slick Willy Clinton gave them, in such a productive manner. He marvels at their competance in copying our secrets. They don’t even have to rely on their spies to steal them.

  • Ronald

    America has become the laughing stock of the world.

  • voted against carter

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaahha,….heheehehhe,… My sides hurt from laughing!

    WHAT!???? The truth hurts.

    All you Progressive LIBRATARDS who voted this A S S Clown in as president deserve what he is doing.

  • Onlooker

    This is classic. I agree with everybody. The disrespect Obama has brought to the office, does to the office and has planned for the office is beyond comprehension.
    Might as well remove the pictures of the “old” POTUS and put up mao, stalin and sorros.

  • Jason Mitchell

    Face it Obama supporters, the world KNOWS Obama is weak and ineffective. This is what happens when you elect a slick image and vote for race rather than for experience.

  • http://don'thaveone Glen Craig

    When is Obama going to learn the POTUS doesn’t bow to anyone. Thet is so disgraceful and sickening, but he did it again.

  • Obowma

    It’s funny because it’s true! Obama is a feckless wonder. No world leader respects a coward from the Party of Cowards.

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  • Cranston Snord

    America owns China and that’s what they are afraid of. China’s fear of being someone else’s possession again is what drives their ambition and goals. Play with their autonomy in a serious way and they will feel in pain. We built them up. We can tear them down at any time.

    • Joe

      Keep on dreaming Cranston….You are living 30 years back in time..wake up to current reality

    • rvndmnmt

      I am afraid you are way off target. China is the worlds largest holder of our debt holding onto as much as 1.4trillion of our debt in 2008. This peaked in 2009 and they have been dumping their dollar holdings as fast as they possibly can without crashing the dollar ( so they can get as much of their value back as possible ) since then.

      The second largest holder is the federal reserve. And if you feel secure about that rout just keep in mind that there isn’t anything FEDERAL about the federal reserve. They are run by about a dozen private banks. So what happens when you cant pay your loans? What happens when the government can’t pay theirs? We are finding it harder to pay off the interest on the loans these days let alone the principle of the loan itself. To either entity.

      Either way, things are not pretty. I hope this helps you pull your head out of the sand.

      • http://drudgereport exiled conservative

        Don’t you mean out of his arse?

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  • John

    Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…so many elements of TRUTH to it

  • Who is Hu?

    Love the last line: “America! Hell, yeah!”

  • We’re Screwed

    What are you going to do when the chinese tanks roll down your street?
    The police won’t be able to help.
    The military will not be able to help.

    Think about it.

  • Mark Mayfield

    Funny stuff and right to the bone. President Bo-Bo is gonna be kow tow-ing big time to Hu
    What an embarassment POTUS has turned out to be. Thanks a lot libtards.

  • Ming the Merciless

    Maybe some good will come out of this.

    We allied with Stalin to beat the Nazis immediate threat.

    We need help to beat back conquering Islam.

    The Chinks have shown considerably more spine
    fighting their sand monkey minority than us.

    Uighurs are not a menace because they stood up to them.

    Will we have to kill ALL these vomits from hell?

    • snoooooozn


  • Bayoumanga

    Great fun. Respect is earned and doesn’t come with the office. Barry Boy is president not monarch.

  • Relugus

    This animation is satire, and as such its poking fun at everyone, highlighting the absurdities.

    Actually, America’s problems have little to do with Obama and everything to do with Wall Street and the Millitary Industrial Complex, and in particular the massive corporate welfare scams they use to steal taxpayers money. There are many things odious about the Chinese government but its people are polite and decent, and unlike the US they don’t invade many countries. They pretty much trade with the world and mind their own business.

    • DrK

      Actually, America’s problems have everything to do with Obama and his democratic predecessors before him. Wall Street and the “Military Industrial Complex” (LOL) have nothing to do with our troubles. They are a few of the features of the US that still work reasonably well. It’s true that a relatively small group of democrats on wall street were recently found to be gaming the system to their own advantage, but democrats can’t cease being democrats just because laws, regulations, and the constitution are put in their way. America’s problems stem from labor unions, entitlement programs, the ACLU, and 60+ years of democrats stealing from the productive class to buy the votes of a growing group of human debris. This, combined with the vulgarity, perversion, and cultural rot the left is constantly promoting, are the sources of America’s problems.

      • mj

        That about sums it up as distinctly as I have heard it stated. It comes full circle in that the human debris are the ones sucking up the vulgarity, perversion and cultural rot as well, and dragging the under-educated with them who are the result of the labor unions (like teachers unions), entitlement programs (like the massive increase in children born just to get more welfare money, etc.

    • Ushodan

      You are correct about the Chinese citizens being polite and decent. You implied that the US is a WAR loving nation, I disagree.
      It will only be a matter of time before the Muslim radicals see China as evil and a nation of non-believing infidels.
      These lunatics only want one thing, to kill everyone who is not like them, or believes in what they do.
      Next time you judge your country by the actions or non-actions of others, remember that Tibet to this day is still not free
      or allowed to worship as they would like. If Muslim radicals attacked Beijing, I have no doubt that our friends to the
      East would allow the attack to go unpunished, only I believe they would worry about being politically correct or
      careful as we have been, and I would support that decision.

      • fg1234

        lol…china doesn’t have worry about muslims…as long as they wont bother them, muslims wont bother the gov. of china

    • John

      The entire debt is his fault given the fact he voted for every dollar of spending when he was playing Senator and has refused to even read spending bills he signs into law while playing president.
      Every single solitary trillion in debt belongs to “0″ and the DNC.
      As a Libertarian ( ) I have opposed the spending above the income but through Democrat control of all taxation and spending we have arrived at a place where we either survive or fail.
      Under the supervision of the guy whose dog ate his birth certificate we have seen nothing but decline.
      Record deficit.
      Record debt.
      Record sales and value of gold and gold coins
      Record sales and value of silver and silver coins.
      Record gun sales.
      Record ammunition sales.
      More Americans unemployed than during the depth of the last great depression.
      Record bankruptcies.
      Record evictions.
      Record foreclosures.
      All of this has been happening due to the stupidity of Democrats and arrogance of the guy whose dog ate his birth certificate.
      500 Republicans were elected to change course.
      It is the only way we can avoid a complete financial collapse.

  • ncdirtdigger

    Very funny stuff. All it needs is the Premier to trade a big pile of Tbills for one gold coin.

  • Dr. Lead Based Paint

    Yes, China owns the United States, because America is a nation of spineless, immoral gutless wonders that will not discipline themselves with fiscal responsibility or common sense.

    Now, the nation has an embarrassment greater than that of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton combined on its hands. A communist who hates the United States and its constitution more than Hu Jintao hate it.

    Even worse, we have a legislative branch, judicial branch, and a couple hundred million voters who will not stand up against the enemy (either China or Obama) for the well being of the nation.

    P.S. the video would be more realistic if it had TOTUS in it (teleprompter of the United States). The man acting as though he were President is such a dumb ass he can’t say what George Soros wants him to say without reading it aloud word for word.

    • mikey

      LOL @ P.S. the video would be more realistic if it had TOTUS in it (teleprompter of the United States). The man acting as though he were President is such a dumb ass he can’t say what George Soros wants him to say without reading it aloud word for word.

    • djm3

      Did anyone hear Donald Trump last week when he said that he does busness with the Chicons and they are filling in an OCEAN to build a city? When he asked “What about the permits, the EPA” they said “what is that!!”
      One reason why we are dying as a nation. The insane ruin the assylum

      • papag

        The Chinese are building a water reservoir so big, when filled it will tilt the world’s axis by one inch! The Chinese really know how to literally rock the world.

  • Sean Patriot

    “Clinton Booty Count” LOLOLOL

    • Amy Sterling Casil

      I thought it was way undercounted . . .

      • Jim

        Were there any stains on the head board or the sheets from injuries that “needed some ice”? It was too quick to see…

    • djm3

      LOVE THAT,

  • Craigster

    Excellent video, very creative and characterises Obama exactly!

  • Non-statist America

    Actually charley, it’s hysterical and on-target.

  • I Like It, ph. d.

    A little cheap, but some great stuff. Very funny.

  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    This is disrespectful and offensive.

    • sodium

      the truth hurts

      • Wade

        This is that respect that we were missing with GW that the world now has for us with Obama.

      • Tomas

        Mao’s vision was Communism ruling the world. He thought it could be done by military force.

        He was wrong in only the methodology. The “New” China’s goals are no different that Mao’s. They are doing it correctly… using currency as the ultimate weapon.

        No matter who replaces O in 2012, the fact is clear: they have won.

        Deal with it.

      • cynically sarcastic

        Tomas is right. China is going to own us sooner than we know. While we’re busy arguing over each other (R vs D, etc, et al), China has bought us and will use force to take what we owe when we default. And we will default.

        The video was disrespectful and offensive because it was filled with stereotypes and the stereotyping of Obama and our country. Stereotypes only exist because they DO exist.

        .02 cents before they get turned to yen

      • Lysander

        Own us? That’s absurd. It was the Japanese 25 yrs ago that were supposed to dominate the world economy and for awhile some even thought it was going to be Brazil. Wait till the labor strife and regional
        nationalist uprisings raise the cost of Chinese labor and scare away investors. It’s still called the Chinese Communist Party, so you can expect future nationalization of foreign investment and expropriation of some businesses, but in the final analysis, not enough countries,
        (if any) trust the Chinese.

      • DuBerry

        For all who’s speak negatively about anything that represent this Country we live in. The hand has been delt before you was born and this is the End Result of a system that has run it’s course. So, stop looking to blame something or someone and educate yourselves a whole better than what you’re displaying here in this forum. Because it’s clear that a lot of you has a Very Big Disconnect with Time…. It’s forever changing, don’t believe me just look at your love ones and then take a long look at yourself, you was once a child and when you became an adult, hopefully you put away childess things and other words we are old aging….. So, do something positive with what little time you have left… Make A Positive Difference!!!

      • Whoonoze


      • d-range

        Yawn. Boring rightwing-tard talk…. Please add more nazi references next time.

      • 31337

        Obama is his Beeotch. We need to man up, stop killing our country economically, lose Obama and the Donothingcrats in congress, then clean out the Fed and other “czars” then maybe China will respect us again.

      • jy

        They have not won yet. The world wrote off the U.S. near the end of the Carter administration. A new dawn arose with Reagan and the U.S. will again find a way. It will not be easy but can be done after this one term president leaves the oval office.

      • http://none harry

        hurt nothing

      • JoeTheFilmmaker

        cynically sarcastic wrote “.02 cents before they get turned to yen”.

        Do you mean yuan?

      • Armed Patriot

        This only offends you but cause the truth offends libs. This was very funny and showed what an ass kisser nobama really is. Stand up. No vote on the debt ceiling, repeal nobama care, end bailouts and govt nationalization schemes, 10 cuts across the boards, eliminate NPR, NEA, FCC, USDA, EPA, and so many closeted agenda-driven depts, open oil fields to drilling to produce jobs and lower oil prices…. That is how you get us back on track. Not the Keynesian obama, cloward and piven plan.

      • Armed Patriot

        10% cuts across the board…

      • Navy Bill

        The sad fact is that because you sent all your manufacturing to China so that the shareholders could make the most return on their dividends and you guys screwed yourself. You bought Mr Fiscal resposible George Bush that caused your markets to collaspe and gave away your jobs. China has you by the short and curly’s. Attacking Obama for a guy who’s trying to get everyone healthcare just shows how dumb some people are down there. Guess what my mom was in hospital for 2 weeks and guess how much I paid. $0 And we have the best cancer clinic in the world with the most advanced reasearch. Keep drinking the coolaid US. China’s ready to take over. Learn that the Conservatives want to keep you uniformed.

      • Dennisa

        Well, well, well – our great American corporations set them up in business. We now have NO jobs, and NO money. Only the dreggs on the table, get used to it under this and past administrations….

        Under Ronald Reagan we had John Wayne and money. Under Obama we have Tina Fey and no money…

      • dee dee mao

        To put things in perspective:

        Barack Obama was the winner of the 2009 Nobel peace prize for doing nothing to further the cause of peace, except maybe by not letting US troops shoot back at armed combatants in Afgahnistan.

        Liu Xiaobo won the 2010 Nobel Peace prize for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China

        So here we have Barack Obama, the 2009 Peace prize winner, bowing down and hosting a state dinner to HONOR the man, Hu Jintao, who is holding the 2010 peace prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, IN PRISON!

      • Barbara

        You are kidding aren’t you? Who respect Obama?

    • icetrout

      What’s offensive is having a Communist POTUS.

      • http://drudge dwight morgan

        Looking at the picture at the top of Drudge makes me wonder
        Is there no foreign head that Obama doesn’t Bow to?

      • http://MMA.TV J Rich

        O-bama doesn’t bow to our most trusted allies like our wonderful Canadians to the north and to our British allies. He only bows to communists, muslims and dictators. Those with dictatorial socialist regimes. He envies the powers of those rulers.


        The only nation obama will not bow to is England and any other “true” ally!

      • AJ

        You know how you can tell when a story has been posted on the Drudge Report? All the right wing un-educated nutjobs come out of their holes to post comments they’ve read on other boards…nothing is original.

        BTW, Dwight Morgan, it’s the Drudge Report, of course they are going to show Obama in a negative way…stop being influenced by the media and think for yourselves!

      • Rickey_H


        If you and your liberal leaders are so sophisticated, why is our economy in worst shape than it was during Bush? Why has our federal debt quadrupled during the reign of our liberal leadership? Why is it that you liberals always blame your failures on the conservatives? Why don’t liberals have any accountability? Last, the name calling and vitriol, why don’t you give us facts?

      • Stephen Maio

        Hey AJ
        Seeing how your oblivious to the truth this message wont have any effect but I’ll feel better after I post it.
        It has been shown time and time again that if anybody should be ridiculed it is the uninformed morons on the left not the right.
        We have shown ourselfs to be more informed, better behaved, and all in all just plain old classier when compaired to the misfits and maggots and parisites on the left of which you are so proud to be counted as one.
        One question why does the President keep bowing to all these people?? The answer see my above statement.

      • William Hopper

        Stephen Maio: I laughed out loud at your esponse. You started out saying the right was “more informed, better behaved, and all in all just plain old classier” than the left. The you went on in the NEXT SENTENCE to show how right you are by calling the left “misfits and maggots and parisites”. CLASSIC! Saving that one on my hard drive. Glad you folks on the right are so classy!

      • Dina

        When is everybody gonna wake up????? I fear our nation has lost everything because of O. This is horrible. It also is the “fundamental change.

      • vaughn

        obama only wants to be loved…by every world government. it’s all about power, adoration and pride. obama cares nothing about the sovereignty of the united states. he’ll sell it down the river just to maintain a perception within his own mind that he is making the rest of the world like us, and it all has to do with a comparison to W. W is no standard, the constitution is!

      • djm3

        Hey Billy Hopper,
        have you ever heard a conservative say he hopes that ANYONE in the government past or present dies of a heart attack? How about a pundant that says he hopes that Sarah Pailin chokes? Oh no, you liberals are the “select” few aren’t you. Eletists, the only way for you on the left to argue is to throw slights and slam people. How about “tea baggers”? who made that up? “Astro Turf” that was San Fran Nan, you know, the witch who has MILLIONS and gave about 6000.00 to charity?

      • Chisco3

        Well, since obama bowed to the MAYOR OF TAMPA, FLORIDA too, it’s not surprising that he’d bow (for the SECOND time!) to the leader of Red China too…..

        The “LOTUS” has a history of bowing to his betters!!!

      • DuBerry

        For all who speak negatively about anything that represent this Country we live in. The hand has been delt before you was born and this is the End Result of a system that has run it’s course. So, stop looking to blame something or someone and educate yourselves a whole lot better than what you’re displaying here in this forum. Because it’s clear that a lot of you, have a Very Big Disconnect with Time…. It’s forever changing, don’t believe me just look at your love ones and then take a long look at yourself, you was once a child and when you became an adult, hopefully you put away childess things and other words we are all aging….. So, do something positive with what little time you have left… Make A Positive Difference!!!

      • Whoonoze

        To some, it seems to be not offensive at all, because they elected one in 2008

      • d-range

        Or a braindead douche who thinks that communist should be capitalized because he is a communist! die commie scum, nazi!!!1 jesus-christ Obama is the best and will be re-elected!!!!!1

    • Who cares?

      Get a life! It’s funny and the truth! It’s disrespectful of liberty to invite a communist dictator to the white house and give him the red carpet treatment as if he was some champion of freedom, liberty and truth. Give me a break…

      • Jim

        A sign that Obama and this debt wracked congress is begging for more money. We just hope they don’t foreclose on our loan to date.

      • Nano



    • Rob

      Sad, when the office is held by someone you don’t like, full length movies about their assasination are ok. But if it is about the current Comisar in Chief, it disrespectful. Does that Ph.d after you name stand for “Piled high and Dried”?

      • bob

        No. The PhD means, “Piled higher and deeper”.

    • Darrel

      Obama is offensive and disresepctful.

      • James R. Edwards

        You Got that right!!!

    • Easy

      Yep ! ! !

    • Barrack Hussein

      This is a funny video. Our POTUS is a trader. Turns his back on Israel and supports filthy tyrannical muslim murderers and communists. It’s time to flush the toilet in 2012 if he hasn’t ruined us by then.

      • Holy Moly

        What do you mean that t he POTUS is a trader? What does he trade? Baseball cards? Or did you, in your infinite wisdom, mean “traitor”?

      • Tomas

        Both Trader and Traitor fit, Holy Moly. Traitor is obvious. However, O is also Trading our childrens’ future, our sovereignty, and our financial strength to the world, in order to advance his agenda.

        Take your pick. They are both correct.


      • Frank

        Israel?! Are you kidding me? How about having an original thought for once that came from some critical thinking instead of parroting the talking points about Israel. Israel leads this country by the nose while absorbing billions in our tax dollars. Google the USS Liberty and then tell me again why Americans should care about Israel at all.

      • Big Heat

        I find it hilarious that you can’t spell traitor correct lmao!

        I am saddened by the asinine loss of political discourse by the extremists and sheeple that supposedly stand on my side. Mostly upset because if you are going to make a damn ignorant comment about the president you might as well spell it right.

      • Lysander

        Yeah, he’s also a traitor

    • rlwieneke

      I agree, obama is disrespectful and offensive.

      • Stephen Maio

        Frank you Jew hating typical lib idiot Talk about parroting the talking points your parroting the same lines that have been used against the Jews since Christ walked the earth. I’ll give you one reason why we care about Israel Its the only Democracy in the middle east.

    • lowen lowen

      You are offensive to our American ideals,. Go stuff yourself.

    • Dallasrep

      I know, Obama did not bow once.

      • Hag


    • http://N/A Robert Miller

      I love it!!

    • Chuck you, Farley, phdip$hit

      Mistah, you are an idiot. Here’s to you, tard!

      (‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’).(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ..’\'…\………. _.•´…..’\'…\………. _.•´

    • Dave F.

      On the contrary, this is OTOT – On Time, On Target! Awesome video!!!! As was said in the other replies, the Truth hurts! Deal with it. Can’t wait to vote our communist President out in 2012. We need another Ronald Reagan to fix this cluster-freak….

      • Frank

        Ronny Reagan??? National debt went up, military-industrial complex spending way up, illegal alien amnesty, CIA Bush running all over, etc.
        How about an Andrew Jackson? End the Fed!!!

      • Rickey_H

        I am assuming that Carter was a better president? Reagan stopped the cold war and retooled our nation so that it could compete globally, but now that libralism has taken over they have handed the keys to the labor unions while over-regulating our businesses. You want ot talk about debt? Realize that for 6 years, Reagan ran this country with a spendthrift liberal congress. Perhaps you will realize too that your liberal leader has spent twice as much as Reagan in only 2 years and what has it given us? NOTHING!!!!

      • Stephen Maio

        Once again Frank your a moron

      • Dave F.

        Rickey… You meant that for Frank, right? :-)

    • not a phd

      Yeah! Shameful how they put that poor Chinese fellah next to that idiot.

      • rcg

        Poor Chinese fellow? Hell, he holds all the cards (our money) thanks to this socialist communist muslim traitor of a “president”. He’s not even a U.S. citizen and it will be uncovered after he has completed perpretating the biggest hoax in history on the American people. Lefty political correctness has turned this nation into a bunch of sissies!

      • fg1234

        sorry man, but your president is 100% christian raised up by a white mom

    • Amabo

      Let me guess – you have a “Phd” in Community organizing????

    • Duane

      Disrestfull and offensive is bowing to a communist!!!!!!

    • KingTooter

      you’re disrespectful and offensive to all real American patriots.
      You better watch your ass or you might lose your head pussy.

    • rusty shackleford

      I’m from TX and I thought this was hilarious. It’s funny because it’s true. The only thing that is disrespectful and offensive is out lawmakers allow jobs to be sent to other countries and fall into debt. And we all know.. democrats haven’t been helping the debt crisis.

    • Emil Sinclair

      Obama’s administration and policies are disrespectful and offensive. But is was already said in the comment before yours: the truth hurts (even in parody)

    • Jake.

      But Oh So True. Obama is a wimp and not in the same league as other U.S. Presidents. And China knows they are dealing with a wimp.

    • http://facebook Doree10

      This is awesome. Soooooooooooo!!! True

    • dale

      so true so true did you see obama bowing to the china president?
      You right Obama is a sham and


      what’s disrespectful…looks like the truth to me

    • tim maguire

      I probably should be offended at the disrespect shown by a foreigner to my president, but it’s as much a warning of China’s intentions as it is a play on Obama’s fecklessness.

    • vik

      disrespectful against whom? the muslim or the chinese? with the $$$ we owe them you would think we would shut down all DC for his visit.

    • Chuck you, Farley, phdip$hit

      How about this, you stupid clown!

      (‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’).(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ..’\’…\………. _.•´…..’\’…\………. _.•´

      • AuntieTaqiyya

        Brilliant use of keyboard ridicule! And kudos to your spooneristic moniker. I’m still laughing…

      • satiregirl

        if you’re a dickhead and you know it clap your hands! I’M WAITING!!!???

    • djm3

      How about Bush is a baby killer? Seen that video Proffessor? You elitists make me puke.
      Don’t worry, our President will make up for it, he will give them our missle technology like Clinton did. Or he might even give them our Nukes like he just gave to the Russians. This is kinder Gentler isn’t it? We let them walk all over us because we deserve that don’t we? Obama thinks so obviously

    • AuntieTaqiyya

      To whom? Respect is only given to those who deserve it.

    • Brian D.

      It isn’t disrespectful — Obama is the one bowing to leaders. I live in China and know that the Chinese don’t respect Obama — but they did respect Bush. Bush didn’t bow to foreign leaders.

    • Reality Check

      Pretty much sums up what the majority of the American People think of Obama’s foreign policy.

      Most of us find Obama’s foreign policy much more offensive than this cartoon.

    • John T

      Maybe if you make it illegal then we can say that we’re respectable and have all the people who would disagree in jail. We could change the people that disrespect us rather than changing ourselves.

    • d-range

      I heard that all readers of Drudge are socialists, nazis who fap to their daughters dirty panties. Is it true?

    • Michael White

      Family Guy is more offensive and disrespectful than this. This is how the Asian world views Obama and America now. I’m sure you didn’t say a damn word the during Bush’s terms when FAR MORE OFFENSIVE AND DISRESPECTFUL BS from the left. A movie depicting Bush’s death, Michael Moore and others saying Bush was responsible for 911. The left are such hypocrites and pathetic lairs.

    • Dj

      What’s the ph.d. for? phull of dung?

      The only thing offensive about it is how accurate it is.

      Obama IS the joke many of us knew he would be.

    • Joe Dokes

      If the USA had been smart, we wouldn’t be in the situation. We had a dumb, corrupt president for 8 years, and now a spineless politician.

      China is making smart moves, we are making dumb moves. Eventually, dumb catches up with you. Americans still don’t get it.

    • http://drudgereport exiled conservative

      Offensive yes. But this is exactly how the rest of the world views the current leadership of the USA. Just worthy to be a valet. “Don’t scratch it.” We need to put someone on the Oval Office that is a proud American and not ashamed of it’s past.

    • Craig

      Hussein Obama is disrespectful and offensive.

    • Michelles Fat A$$

      I agree, they didnt make Barack look nearly as bufoonish and stupid as in real life!

    • Bill James

      How do you disrespect a dictator? I think it’s impossible, myself.

    • Dave F.


      • gymbunny


    • CChong kong

      Hey Mistah Charley, if you have a Ph.D hahaha, why the hell do you speak the same Chin-english as Hu Jintao? Did you also go to the same school of “cultural revolution” where you beat the crap out of all your teachers and then stayed illiterate for the rest of your life?

      So now you have to spend your life as a “5-cents gang” member sitting in internet cafes in the Mainland, getting paid slave labour wages to write “respectful” rubbish about Hu Jintao, your illiterate leader?

      *** everyonoe, there are loads of 5-cents gang like this around. If you discuss things with them, every time they get to respond to you…you re paying them money. Don’t do it. Just delete them and let them all starve in the gutter. :)

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