Helen Wood actor – Who is the mystery man?

British call girl Helen Wood – who famously slept with football star Wayne Rooney as part of a threesome – is in the headlines again after she claimed she slept with a famous British actor. The actor has employed a super injunction to bar the press from revealing his name. Referred to by the initials NEJ in court, all that is known about him is that he is married, has a child and Tweets regularly. Who is it?

Who do you think it is? Leave a comment below.

Helen Wood Helen Wood actor – Who is the mystery man? (Next Media Animation TV)

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  • ppp

    who the phuq cares?!!!!

  • Kathy Crowley

    Funny that Mail on Sunday today says that Hugh Bonneville is known as the Ryan Giggs of the acting world due to him being’ family oriented’ Ryan Giggs is accepted as being the unknown footballer in a similar injunction

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  • Anonymous

    It’s obvious now that NEJ is Hugh bonneville.
    Just look at this article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/mandrake/8471098/Hugh-Grants-latest-romance-leaves-me-lost-for-words.html
    I mean why bring bonneville into that article and pay attention to the movie/tv references

    • Nicky 100

      Oh my goodness. How funny is this article.

  • Tom110693

    It is David Tennant. No really, it is.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure Ewan McGregor has 2 kids, one adopted recently. James N. has two.

  • Ann_Oneymus

    On a random note, I’m really into shameless and downton abbey at the moment. I’m also intending to watch star wars and moulin rouge again soon after I’ve been shearing the sheep. Unfortunately I currently have the giggles and so I don’t have my usual gift of the gab.

  • Bobbing

    stephen fry?

  • Jeff Tee1

    Theres only one person it can possibly be! the christmas special of Men Behaving Badly was filmed at the exact location of the affair, and i live opposite the premises, i remember it being strange that Martin Clunes was spending so much time in the hotel room, apparently Neil Morrisey was ill all week with violent diorrhea so theres only one man behaving badly here! … either that or John Thompson.

  • Batavia

    he also appeared in Star Wars and has one child

    • Anonymous

      If you are talking about EMc then he has three kids, with one recently adopted.

  • Batavia

    apparently the actor is Scottish

  • leia

    The actor who has been sleeping with helen wood is hugh bonneville. FACT. he has been blocking people who are discussing him on twitter.

    The actor with 2 kids having an affair with his co star is david threlfall from shameless.

  • Anonymous

    NEJ is just to confuse you, it isn’t an actor, it’s the head of the N.U.J. :-)

  • Anonymous

    NEJ is just to confuse you, it isn’t an actor, it’s the head of the N.U.J. :-)

  • Goth

    I’ve heard that it’s Hugh Bonneville too, and this I’ve heard from someone who works in the media.

    • Anonymous

      Hugh Bonneville does not have two teenaged children, as all the articles mention.

      • Anonymous

        there are two different cases, the cases of ETK who is a father of two and X who had an affair. and there is a case of NEJ a famous actor who got hooked up with some woman linked to wayne rooney.
        I think they are pointing to NEJ as being HB

    • Secrets

      It’s Laurence fox. Billie pipers husband.

  • Southampton99

    vinny jones

  • Fuest

    It rhymes with Pooing McBeggar

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002299927077 Charlie Chuck

      It doesn’t. It’s Hugh Bonneville. The hooker worked for a Manchester escort agency when the incident happened two years ago. Was Ewen in Manchester two years ago? Hugh could have been due to his work on TV and Manchester being home of Granada TV and BBC North.

  • Robertg32red

    It’s Daniel Craig. Fact!

    Stop guessing, stop wondering. If ever there was a bloke who had to pay for it, it’s him. And IF it’s not him, just by chance, it’s John Inman

    • Kia147

      Daniel Craig isn’t married.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002299927077 Charlie Chuck

        I think he’s also gay.

    • Redeye1767

      Just because you put the word FACT after a sentence does not make it so.  

  • S G Hope

    If you read Tweets by @VictoriaPeckham and @Polly Samson implies ‘world famous actor ‘ is an overstatement. One saying she had to google him to remember what he looked like!

  • forabunting

    The Daily Mail actually has a column today by Ephrain Hardcastle in which, for no apparent reason, he writes that Bonneville has been twittering a female follower, joking that he’s in the shower! It is an obvious allusion to the fact Bonneville is NEJ. The papers always try and hint as broadly as they can. Sometimes they’ll run a story on the person in the same edition alongside an article about his hidden identity and the scandal. Bonneville is in stuff seen aborad – Notting Hill, Iris, Downton Abbey. The papers exaggerate, in the original DM article he is described as ‘one of the most prolific actors of his generation’ (the same phrase they used about NEJ) which is a very generous statement! But it’s him – the clues are there. James Nesbitt is hardly ‘clean cut’, Orlando Bloom – they would work in the fact he’s a new dad, plus he is in ‘tv and film’ – Bloom doesn’t do telly. Nesbitt isn’t really in films.

    • Anonymous

      Hugh Bonneville does not have two teenaged children, as all the articles mention.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002299927077 Charlie Chuck

        That’s the other injunction.

  • Moonexpres

    Its Jude Law.


    • Kia147

      jude law isn’t married

  • Tom Smith1824

    NEJ – James Nesbitt – certainly got form…………………………..

    • Carrotsandtwigs

      You are correct. A friend of mine working on The Hobbit can confirm.

  • KeiraG

    Hugh Bonneville isn’t “internationally famous” and Ben Affleck isn’t British.

    I think it’s Orlando Bloom – British, internationally famous, and married with a child.

  • forabunting

    Hugh Bonneville – the Daily Mail’s story about the injunction uses the same phrases to describe NEJ as it used to describe Bonneville in an interview/feature on him 3 or 4 weeks ago. In the interview he gushes about his wife and it is actually a bit nausea-inducing….

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but hugh bonneville doesn’t have 2 kids.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002299927077 Charlie Chuck

        You’re mixing up your injunctions, bink_uk.

  • Rod

    I believe it to be Ben Affleck. Journalists often leave little clues in their reporting. NewsMedia used this curious term to describe the story:

    “An Actor with an injunction is a force of nature to be reckoned with.”

    Which world famous, married actor with children stars in ‘Force of Nature’?

    You guessed it.

    Ben Affleck.

    • Huw Jampton

      There is another possibility here . . . the force referred to by NewsMedia could be ‘The Force’ central to the Star Wars films. There is a certain world-famous actor, married with children in that film, is there not?

      And I don’t mean Alec Guinness!

      • Huw Jampton

        Sorry, I mistyped above. I should have written ‘in those films’. The actor I have in mind was not in the original Star Wars film ‘A New Beginning’.

        And there’s another thing: the ‘mystery actor’ is supposedly British. Ben Affleck is an American – he was born in California.

      • Chuckie161991

        Colin Firth?

      • Chuckie161991

        Sorry, Ewan McGregor?

      • guest

        Its Ewan McGregor. Very well known in twitter circles and a ‘force’ to be reckoned with… Think about it.

      • Anonymous

        No its Hugh bonneville. See the link I posted where the telegraph alludes to this. The force of nature is probably his quote about his co star in the film iris. Ps Hugh is a prolific Twitter user

    • Dajhilton

      And what tv programmes exactly was Ben Affleck in lately? or ever? it’s obviously not he.

  • Jim

    Hugh Bonneville???