No happy ending for slacker air traffic controller

Michelle Obama’s plane came too close to a military aircraft while it was trying to land at Andrews Air Force Base. Officials say it was a tower error. Air traffic controllers have come under scrutiny. A man in the tower in Cleveland was caught watching a Samuel L. Jackson movie, though it wasn’t ‘Snakes on a Plane.’ What’s worse, there is a plague of air traffic controllers sleeping on the job. One nighttime controller snoozed through two landings. The FAA is extending the downtime in between controllers’ shifts by only by one hour, and still forbid them to take naps during their breaks. Controllers’ rights are a sore spot. Ronald Reagan fired controllers in 1981 when they went on strike. Perhaps America should outsource its tower operations to China, where workers are used to working long hours with little rest.

Controllers can watch movies, but can’t take a nap… Comment below and let us know what you think about this incident!

vlcsnap 2011 04 21 20h32m30s153 No happy ending for slacker air traffic controller (Next Media Animation TV)