Game up for Gaddafi? Rebels enter Tripoli

Libyan rebel forces moved into Tripoli at the weekend, encountering surprisingly little resistance and capturing two of Colonel Gaddafi‘s sons.

There were celebrations all over Tripoli. The green flag of Gaddafi’s regime has been replaced with the flag of the Libyan republic. Gaddafi remains in hiding.

But his forces are crumbling around him. Many are mercenaries who are unlikely to stick around. Some say he has already to fled Venezuela or South Africa.

Others say he’ll stay and negotiate with the rebels, who are eager to avoid a bloodbath.

Once Gaddafi is gone, all eyes will fall on another dictatorship under pressure – Syria.


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  • richard wills

      The problems despots have always had with the end of their regimes
    is how to get out a skip ‘n jump ahead of the firing squad.  It used to be that
    they would quietly retire to the beach in Portugal but I guess that is old
    history now.  The basic problem Ghadhafi has had are his own bodyguards
    not willing to let him go and leave them to be the scapegoats for the rebels.

      The global media concatenation has really cut down on being able to
    quietly slip away, to rusticate on the beach and rely on the Swiss bankers
    remaining discreet and their fingers not too sticky.  Today, even as strong
    and independent a country as Switzerland has had to make concessions
    to the New World Order.  

       And, as for those little offshore secret banks, when we have a President with
    some backbone, aircraft carriers will park themselves in their main harbors and
    the Marines will land to “assist” the mailbox bankers to reveal their records. Lets
    not forget that the military is paid out of public taxation.  Can you say, “Robert
    Heinlein’s” spirit will be laughing?

       Faux News will shed their usual crocodile tears over the horror of it all.  That
    rich thieves will now be forced to pay any share of the civic burden.   They’ll be
    impoverished to the point of having to live with only one dozen mansions instead
    of a baker’s dozen. Listening to the Aile’s whores whine will just break your heart
    in sympathy for this featherweight blow to the wealthy’s swollen egos!