Final Four time! Players put NCAA under fire

Many people are up in arms about the NCAA. They say it’s unfair that student athletes are denied a share of the $700 million in tournament revenue they generate. Players also want to retain rights over their likenesses, which are used in video games without compensation. But are players really being mistreated? They get accepted to universities they wouldn’t normally be able to get into. Athletes receive yearly scholarships, while other students sink into debt. USA Today estimates the average player receives an annual $120K in aid and perks. And once student athletes graduate, they have a chance to make millions more in the pro leagues. The NCAA says it will explore player compensation soon, but will that include students who play less popular sports?

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  • indubitably

    For their athletes –at least in revenue-positive sports– colleges should follow the model most of them use for Ph.D. students.  (I was not one fo the former, but I was for the latter.)

    I received full tuition reimbursement, because due to my assistantship I was a de facto employee of the school.  In addition, for that work I received modest compensation and after the first two years began teaching courses –lower levels of work, but good preparation for “going pro” as a professor.  I received training, experience, and “coaching,” and the school benefitted by gaining tuition revenue for low cost when I taught or even made photocopies for professors.  In the same vein, athletes should receive additional compensation, and while there obviously should be enforcement of parity in levels of compensation (at least across the same division), it would reduce the temptation to violate rules that many now see as ticky-tacky and petty.  No system would be perfect, but providing a modest stipend would be an improvement over the current system.

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  • r_wills

    The NCAA is a beautiful example of the corruption of society by professional sports.  While all of us passive consumers gulp down the overpriced shit these megabusinesses select for us.  “We know the prices of everything, and refuse to consider the value of any of it.”
    These megasport institutions do no teach morality or ethics or metathinking.  Win at any cost. Devil take the hindmost. When you run with wolves, you must learn to howl! Caveat  Emptor.  Sell the suckers whatever is available and give no warranty.
    These graduates of “Higher Learning”, with the resulting empty souls and anti-intellectual fervor, have run America into the ground, as heads of corporate bureaucracy and government bureaucrac.y