How to fend off a black bear

Former US Olympic ski team member Ani Haas was jogging in Missoula, Montana when a black bear defending her two cubs attacked.

Haas realized she could not outrun a bear and recalled that while playing dead is sometimes a good way to deal with grizzly bears, the opposite is true for black bears.

Haas fought the bear, then backed away slowly until it lost interest.

bear How to fend off a black bear (Next Media Animation TV)

  • Max

    she blew it, if she was armed she could have killed all three, sold the gallbladders and the feet to china…

  • Rob Ayotte

    The trick to dealing with a mother and cubs is to keep eye contact and back away.  She will not follow as her goal is to have you leave her cubs alone.  I have been in that situation, scary but if you attack her or make a threatening motion then she will attack.