Where is China’s Xi Jinping? 习近平在那ㄦ?

Xi Jinping (习近平) was set to take over as head of China’s Communist Party until he mysteriously disappeared. It’s been 13 days since China’s vice president was last seen in public.

Xi Jinping was expected to become the next president of China later this month. His disappearance sparked rumors across China and the rest of the world, several high-profile meetings between Xi and foreign dignitaries including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been cancelled.

This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened in China. The communist country has a history of striving for perfection by covering up the illnesses and deaths of political leaders.

Eleven days after he went missing, “Xi Jinping” emerged to send his condolences to the family of Comrade Huang Rong, a veteran who passed away last week at the age of 102. At least, that’s what China says happened.