China anti-foreign sentiment fanned by CCTV host Yang Rui

Chinese foreigner bashing has gone into overdrive as Beijing is in the midst of a campaign to “clean out” foreigners who live or work in China illegally.

Fanning the flames is xenophobe and CCTV mouthpiece Yang Rui who was educated in Wales and whose daughter goes to school in the US. The Engrish-speaking TV host has called foreigners who live in China “trash” and described Al Jazeera reporter Melissa Chan as a “foreign bitch.” (Melissa Chan was expelled from China because of unflattering stories about China by other Al Jazeera reporters.)

In a flight of fancy that could only come from the mind of a Chinese Communist, Yang Rui said foreigners pretend to date Chinese women but are actually spies who use GPS to make maps of China. Yang Rui has threatened to sue for libel Charlie Custer, the American blogger who called Yang a “racist xenophobe.”

Why does Yang Rui who hosts an English-language program on CCTV (Chinese state TV) hate foreigners so much? Does anti-foreign sentiment seem particularly bad in China right now?