Cheney’s snipes at old colleagues in new book

In a new tell-all book former Vice president Dick Cheney says he took charge of the government response after 9/11, not President Bush.

He snipes at former Secretary of State Colin Powell for not speaking his mind with Bush while badmouthing policies privately.

In the book he also ridicules Powell’s successor Condoleezza Rice for crying.

Cheney lost influence to doves such as Rice he was completely shut down.

Powell has already began to counter Cheney’s claims. Who will speak up next?


  • Kari

    I love you NMA. I really do. :’D Please never change.

  • richard wills

      The pernicious infestation of dixiecrats into the Republican Party has resulted in the complete
    loss of republican principles and virtues.

    That was clearly displayed when in 2008 the McCain bosses chose that twit Palin for the VP slot.
    It would of been more astute if they had selected Condoleeza Rice.  Historically, the position of
    Secretary of State has been an important step towards becoming President. 

    But this bunch of Koch whores and Ailes puppets couldn’t intellect their way out of a paper bag!

    The result of twenty years of the Bush League corruption and incompetency with Cheney and Rumsfeld.

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